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Zcode AI-Powered Featured Games:
10:00 PM ET, Jul. 16th 2024
Point Spread forecast: -14 (45%) on LV
Check AI Forecast
3:30 PM ET, Jul. 16th 2024
Point Spread forecast: -9 (42%) on SEA
Check AI Forecast
Hanshin @Yomiuri (BASEBALL)
1:00 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
Check AI Forecast: Locked
Hiroshim@Yokohama (BASEBALL)
4:45 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: -1.5 (81%) on Hiroshima Carp
Check AI Forecast
Chiba Lo@Fukuoka (BASEBALL)
5:00 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1.5 (61%) on Chiba Lotte Marines
Check AI Forecast
Chunichi@Yakult S (BASEBALL)
5:00 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
Check AI Forecast: Locked
Orix Buf@Seibu Li (BASEBALL)
5:00 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: -1.5 (25%) on Orix Buffaloes
Check AI Forecast
Rakuten @Nippon H (BASEBALL)
5:00 AM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1.5 (78%) on Rakuten Gold. Eagles
Check AI Forecast
Mexico@Quintana (BASEBALL)
8:30 PM ET, Jul. 15th 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
Check AI Forecast: Locked
7:00 PM ET, Jul. 16th 2024
Point Spread forecast: -5 (35%) on NY
Check AI Forecast
Boca Jun@Institut (BASKETBALL)
9:10 PM ET, Jul. 16th 2024
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for Instituto de Cordoba
Check AI Forecast

Chicago at Las Vegas

Score prediction: Chicago 82 - Las Vegas 95
Confidence in prediction: 75.7%

According to ZCode model The Las Vegas are a solid favorite with a 95% chance to beat the Chicago.

This is their first game at home this season.

According to bookies the odd for Las Vegas moneyline is 1.050. The calculated chance to cover the +14 spread for Chicago is 54.91%

The latest streak for Las Vegas is W-W-W-W-L-W.

Last games for Las Vegas were: 89-77 (Win) @Washington (Ice Cold Down) 14 July, 84-70 (Win) @Atlanta (Dead) 12 July

Next games for Chicago against: Phoenix (Average Down)

Last games for Chicago were: 81-67 (Loss) New York (Burning Hot) 13 July, 76-91 (Loss) @New York (Burning Hot) 11 July

Chicago injury report: E. Williams (- Meniscus( Jun 26, '24))


Seattle at Los Angeles

Score prediction: Seattle 92 - Los Angeles 70
Confidence in prediction: 51.8%

According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations The Seattle are a solid favorite with a 89% chance to beat the Los Angeles.

This is their first game on the road this season.

Los Angeles are currently on a Home Trip 1 of 2

According to bookies the odd for Seattle moneyline is 1.190. The calculated chance to cover the +9 spread for Los Angeles is 57.94%

The latest streak for Seattle is W-W-L-W-L-W.

Last games for Seattle were: 70-81 (Win) Atlanta (Dead) 14 July, 63-91 (Win) Minnesota (Ice Cold Down) 12 July

Next games for Los Angeles against: New York (Burning Hot)

Last games for Los Angeles were: 87-81 (Win) @Dallas (Dead) 13 July, 82-67 (Loss) Minnesota (Ice Cold Down) 9 July

Seattle injury report: M. Holmes (- Knee( May 05, '24))

Los Angeles injury report: C. Brink (- ACL( Jun 18, '24)), J. Allemand (- Ankle( May 14, '24)), L. Brown (- Chron's Disease( Jun 26, '24))


Hiroshima Carp at Yokohama Baystars

Game result: Hiroshima Carp 1 Yokohama Baystars 6

Score prediction: Hiroshima Carp 1 - Yokohama Baystars 2
Confidence in prediction: 68.6%

This game has an interesting controversy. According to the bookies the favorite based on the odds is Hiroshima Carp however based on ZCode calculations the real predicted game winner is Yokohama Baystars. Let this not confuse you. We base our predictions on the historical statistical model not on what bookies or fan crowd think of the odds.

Hiroshima Carp are on the road this season.

Hiroshima Carp: 50th away game in this season.
Yokohama Baystars: 51th home game in this season.

According to bookies the odd for Hiroshima Carp moneyline is 1.900. The calculated chance to cover the -1.5 spread for Hiroshima Carp is 81.20%

The latest streak for Hiroshima Carp is W-W-L-L-L-L.

Next games for Hiroshima Carp against: @Yokohama Baystars (Average Up)

Last games for Hiroshima Carp were: 0-1 (Win) Yakult Swallows (Dead) 13 July, 3-4 (Win) Yakult Swallows (Dead) 12 July

Next games for Yokohama Baystars against: Hiroshima Carp (Average Up)

Last games for Yokohama Baystars were: 6-0 (Win) @Yomiuri Giants (Burning Hot Down) 14 July, 1-6 (Loss) @Yomiuri Giants (Burning Hot Down) 13 July

The Over/Under line is 6.5. The projection for Over is 67.12%.


Chiba Lotte Marines at Fukuoka S. Hawks

Game result: Chiba Lotte Marines 8 Fukuoka S. Hawks 5

Score prediction: Chiba Lotte Marines 5 - Fukuoka S. Hawks 1
Confidence in prediction: 49.5%

According to ZCode model The Fukuoka S. Hawks are a solid favorite with a 64% chance to beat the Chiba Lotte Marines.

They are at home this season.

Chiba Lotte Marines: 48th away game in this season.
Fukuoka S. Hawks: 52th home game in this season.

Fukuoka S. Hawks are currently on a Home Trip 1 of 2

According to bookies the odd for Fukuoka S. Hawks moneyline is 1.569. The calculated chance to cover the +1.5 spread for Chiba Lotte Marines is 61.12%

The latest streak for Fukuoka S. Hawks is L-L-W-L-L-W.

Next games for Fukuoka S. Hawks against: Chiba Lotte Marines (Average), Orix Buffaloes (Average Up)

Last games for Fukuoka S. Hawks were: 1-3 (Loss) @Nippon Ham Fighters (Burning Hot) 14 July, 2-3 (Loss) @Nippon Ham Fighters (Burning Hot) 13 July

Next games for Chiba Lotte Marines against: @Fukuoka S. Hawks (Ice Cold Down)

Last games for Chiba Lotte Marines were: 5-1 (Loss) Orix Buffaloes (Average Up) 14 July, 0-6 (Win) Orix Buffaloes (Average Up) 13 July

The Over/Under line is 6.5. The projection for Over is 66.75%.


Orix Buffaloes at Seibu Lions

Game result: Orix Buffaloes 0 Seibu Lions 3

Score prediction: Orix Buffaloes 6 - Seibu Lions 1
Confidence in prediction: 84.1%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Orix Buffaloes are a solid favorite with a 56% chance to beat the Seibu Lions.

They are on the road this season.

Orix Buffaloes: 47th away game in this season.
Seibu Lions: 47th home game in this season.

Orix Buffaloes are currently on a Road Trip 4 of 5

According to bookies the odd for Orix Buffaloes moneyline is 1.515. The calculated chance to cover the +1.5 spread for Seibu Lions is 74.80%

The latest streak for Orix Buffaloes is W-L-L-W-W-W.

Next games for Orix Buffaloes against: @Seibu Lions (Dead), @Fukuoka S. Hawks (Ice Cold Down)

Last games for Orix Buffaloes were: 5-1 (Win) @Chiba Lotte Marines (Average) 14 July, 0-6 (Loss) @Chiba Lotte Marines (Average) 13 July

Next games for Seibu Lions against: Orix Buffaloes (Average Up)

Last games for Seibu Lions were: 2-4 (Loss) @Rakuten Gold. Eagles (Burning Hot) 14 July, 0-5 (Loss) @Rakuten Gold. Eagles (Burning Hot) 13 July

The Over/Under line is 5.5. The projection for Over is 60.17%.


Rakuten Gold. Eagles at Nippon Ham Fighters

Game result: Rakuten Gold. Eagles 16 Nippon Ham Fighters 3

Score prediction: Rakuten Gold. Eagles 3 - Nippon Ham Fighters 5
Confidence in prediction: 67.8%

According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations The Nippon Ham Fighters are a solid favorite with a 56% chance to beat the Rakuten Gold. Eagles.

They are at home this season.

Rakuten Gold. Eagles: 51th away game in this season.
Nippon Ham Fighters: 55th home game in this season.

Nippon Ham Fighters are currently on a Home Trip 4 of 4

According to bookies the odd for Nippon Ham Fighters moneyline is 1.693. The calculated chance to cover the +1.5 spread for Rakuten Gold. Eagles is 77.88%

The latest streak for Nippon Ham Fighters is W-W-L-W-W-L.

Next games for Nippon Ham Fighters against: Rakuten Gold. Eagles (Burning Hot)

Last games for Nippon Ham Fighters were: 1-3 (Win) Fukuoka S. Hawks (Ice Cold Down) 14 July, 2-3 (Win) Fukuoka S. Hawks (Ice Cold Down) 13 July

Next games for Rakuten Gold. Eagles against: @Nippon Ham Fighters (Burning Hot)

Last games for Rakuten Gold. Eagles were: 2-4 (Win) Seibu Lions (Dead) 14 July, 0-5 (Win) Seibu Lions (Dead) 13 July

The Over/Under line is 6.5. The projection for Over is 59.49%.


Connecticut at New York

Score prediction: Connecticut 73 - New York 91
Confidence in prediction: 60.4%

According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations The New York are a solid favorite with a 77% chance to beat the Connecticut.

This is their first game at home this season.

According to bookies the odd for New York moneyline is 1.480. The calculated chance to cover the +5 spread for Connecticut is 65.21%

The latest streak for New York is W-W-W-L-W-W.

Next games for New York against: @Los Angeles (Ice Cold Up)

Last games for New York were: 81-67 (Win) @Chicago (Average Down) 13 July, 76-91 (Win) Chicago (Average Down) 11 July

Last games for Connecticut were: 69-96 (Win) Phoenix (Average Down) 14 July, 71-68 (Loss) New York (Burning Hot) 10 July

Connecticut injury report: M. Jefferson (- Ankle( Jun 23, '24))


Boca Juniors at Instituto de Cordoba

Score prediction: Boca Juniors 62 - Instituto de Cordoba 100
Confidence in prediction: 89.4%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Instituto de Cordoba are a solid favorite with a 57% chance to beat the Boca Juniors.

They are at home this season.

According to bookies the odd for Instituto de Cordoba moneyline is 1.730. The calculated chance to cover the +0 spread for Boca Juniors is 38.80%

The latest streak for Instituto de Cordoba is L-L-W-W-W-L.

Last games for Instituto de Cordoba were: 66-70 (Loss) @Boca Juniors (Burning Hot) 13 July, 68-77 (Loss) @Boca Juniors (Burning Hot) 11 July

Last games for Boca Juniors were: 66-70 (Win) Instituto de Cordoba (Average Down) 13 July, 68-77 (Win) Instituto de Cordoba (Average Down) 11 July

After Years Of Live Beta-testing On Facebook In Front Of Over 12,315 Fans, ZCode™ Finally Goes LIVE!

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3rd Party
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Coming from the currency market scene (Forex), we decided that we wanted to develop a money-making system that would choose winning picks based on a precise and powerful prediction model.

We wanted to "trade" in the sports niche just like we traded currencies in the forex market. Little did we know that all the work would pay off in such a grand way!

Sports betting is a HUGE industry! Billions of dollars are floating out there waiting to be grabbed... and with a mathematical approach, you can get the edge needed!!

ZCode™ “Trades” Sport!
It takes into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of matches, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more, all to calculate a very precise outcome.
It's Not Win Or Loss...
It's The “Value”
ZCode™ is not looking for only a winner and a loser. It seeks the "value" in each game, where you can make the most money with the smallest risk possible... therefore it predicts bets such as "how many goals will fall" or " who's going to score the most points" or "will there be more than 5 goals or less"... seeking the value in every game and giving you the most earnings!
Where Emotions Fail...
Calculations Prevail!

ZCode™ is a robot!
... it's a machine, a "code" so to speak... it has no favourite players or teams... it is ice cold and tracks performance & performance only! Handicappers who predict games tend to have favourites, even if they don't admit it... their choices are emotional... and without 100% objectivity, you can never be as accurate as a proven prediction model... that's why, we eat handicappers for breakfast!


After 27 months sitting in dark rooms studying algorithms and formulae, with an army of 21 programmers and paying salaries of well over $200,000 (!!) we finally hit the JACKPOT!

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80+ parameters
ZCode™ Prediction Model features:
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Featured Game
This is a live updated game from the VIP members area
Pick #57191663
I placed it
Line Value:
GameWinnerPick Prediction delta >= 10% +0
GameWinnerPick Status differense +0
GameWinnerPick Total 0
UnderdogValuePick by status +0
UnderdogValuePick Total 0
OverUnder OU Prediction 51% < 55% +0
Jul. 15th, 2024 2:30 PM ET
Gloria Buzau at Petrolul (SOCCER, Romania Liga I)
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for Petrolul
Total: Over 2.5 (51%)
GameWinnerPick Prediction delta >= 10% +0
GameWinnerPick Status differense +0
GameWinnerPick Total 0
UnderdogValuePick by status +0
UnderdogValuePick Total 0
OverUnder OU Prediction 51% < 55% +0
Gloria Buzau TT: Under 0.50(58%)
Petrolul TT: Over 0.50(84%)
Hot Trends
  • Petrolul won 100% in favorite status in last 5 games
  • 3 and 3.5 Stars Road Dogs in Average status are 25-84 in last 30 days
Recommendation & odds
Join VIP Club to Unlock The Pick
Public Percentages

Score prediction: Gloria Buzau 1 - Petrolul 2
Confidence in prediction: 38.4%

According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations The Petrolul are a solid favorite with a 43% chance to beat the Gloria Buzau.

They are at home this season.

Gloria Buzau are currently on a Road Trip 5 of 5

According to bookies the odd for Petrolul moneyline is 2.070. The calculated chance to cover the +0 spread for Gloria Buzau is 54.20%

The latest streak for Petrolul is L-W-L-W-L-L.

Next games for Petrolul against: @Din. Bucuresti (), FC Rapid Bucuresti ()

Last games for Petrolul were: 1-2 (Loss) @Fenerbahce () 29 June, 1-0 (Win) @FC Hermannstadt () 26 June

Next games for Gloria Buzau against: Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe (), @CSMS Iaşi ()

Last games for Gloria Buzau were: 2-2 (Win) @Radomlje () 30 June, 0-2 (Loss) @O. Ljubljana () 26 June

Gloria Buzau
Status: Average
Streak: DLLWWL
Last 6 Games
2 W/ 3 L
Current rating:  —
Total-1 Streak: OUUOO
Underdog Value Pick:
GameWinnerPick Prediction delta >= 10% +0
GameWinnerPick Status differense +0
GameWinnerPick Total 0
UnderdogValuePick by status +0
UnderdogValuePick Total 0
OverUnder OU Prediction 51% < 55% +0
 Power Rank: 16
Status: Ice Cold Down
Streak: LWLWLL
Last 6 Games
2 W/ 4 L
Current rating:  —
Total-1 Streak: OOOO
Game Winner Pick:
GameWinnerPick Prediction delta >= 10% +0
GameWinnerPick Status differense +0
GameWinnerPick Total 0
UnderdogValuePick by status +0
UnderdogValuePick Total 0
OverUnder OU Prediction 51% < 55% +0
 Clement says at 04:40 et
Petrolul (Draw or Win) & Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.53 (Unibet)
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Simple rules to remember: This is a private club where members are trying to help each other for their mutual benefit. Please only post comments, updates or suggestions that will benefit other members or your opinion of the game based on facts. No useless comments like "Go Patriots!!", negativity or offensive remarks, no outside links or support/billing questions are allowed in comments. If you post as a "Pick" please try to list the sport, league, time and odds so it is easier for your followers to find the game. Thank you!
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A comprehensive Guide, FAQ & Money management System already in place. No more guesswork. The FULL 100% blueprint for extra income right at your fingertips.
Well-trained, friendly Support team lead by our support chief, Anny.
We have everything covered and eliminated every hurdle and impediment there could possibly be!
Free Bonus Tools
During the last few years, ZCode™ Lab has developed a great variety of cool tools that can help sports investors to win. Among them are popular tools such as:
Line Reversal Tool –
Don't bet blindly!!
This famous tool shows you LIVE changes in Vegas lines, spreads and totals, their odds and charts as well as public percentages on the team. It allows you to see in real-time where the "Smart money" is going and where sharp bettors are placing their bets!! This is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about sports investing and don't want to bet blindly. Easy video tutorial included!
ZCode™ Oscillator –
Betting Moneylines?
Do you know where the team is heading? ZCode™ Oscillator allows you to see the current trends and streaks your team is going through! Through simple charts, you can clearly compare the two team performance to see which team is surging, which team is slumping and see each team's patterns and current trend! A MUST HAVE for predicting Money Line winners!
Totals Predictor –
Betting Totals?
Over/Under? Must have tool that allows you to easily predict the totals + full video tutorial on how to use it!
ZCode™ MLB Pitcher
Profit Oscillator
Shows you the current pitcher shape in a form of an easy chart. Just by looking at the chart, you can compare two pitchers to see their current pattern and trend, which pitcher is surging and who is slumping. You will also get the current team status, their last games, pitcher profitability and the difference between their profitability. Must have tool if you are betting MLB baseball!
Power Rankings Indicator
for Football and other sports
This is where ZCode™ Power Rankings indicator comes to your aid! It shows you how the Power Ranks of teams have changed over the course of the season and gives you a chance to compare them easily! The higher the power rank on the chart, the BETTER the team! It helps you understand if your team is stable (straight chart) or unstable (shaky chart with big dips) and where it is trending now. Enjoy!
ZCode™ Scores Predictor
Professional Tools
Zcode Scores Predictor uses an advanced scoring prediction formula that takes into account 80+ parameters, optimized across historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of the game and predict the anticipated scores.
Power Ranks Indicator
Totals Predictor
Last 10 Games
Pitcher Profit Oscillator
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We have been working with so many of you and we enjoyed your input... but the real reason for going private is that we want YOU and US to keep profiting from this unique approach for a lifetime...
Because, KEY FACT:
We Hate Gambling!
If you are looking for GAMBLING ADVICE, this is not for you! We are here to make money and help YOU WIN with us! It's about investing in sports and reaping insane amounts of money every single month. If you like the thrill of potentially losing your bet, try blackjack or poker. We do NOT follow sports for the sake of gambling, nor are we sports fanatics... This is a business for us and strictly so!
We Do It For The Money
However, not everything is gravy... because it's all about the timing...
Bad News. You “Might”
Be Too Late...

Unfortunately, good things cannot be open for everyone except for an inner circle of trusted ones. As the saying goes, too many cooks ruin the soup. Remember, if too many people are using the same system, it will become ineffective as the odds will be influenced.

Now, you are definitely in luck and at a very important point in your life. You've got the chance to enter our inner circle and keep making profits with ZCode™, or you can leave and give your seat to another happy camper because... and this is very important...

There are not enough ZCode™ Memberships For Everyone :(
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Watch Betatester Reaction
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Hurry up while the doors are still open! 3654 People are on the Waiting List + Over 10,000 Facebook Fans who know of Z-Code's Efficiency. You Do The Math.

Check out what beta-testers are saying about Zcode System

We'd love nothing more than to give Z-Code to all of you guys, but as we said before, that is simply not doable... and we sincerely apologize for that.

Not a Sports Fan? Not NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB Addicted?
Why this Might Be Even Better!

Success coaches teach a very important thing early on that is an important lesson for everyone and is so true when it comes to personal taste. Every one of us already has personal preferences that filter emotions, ideas and concepts on a subconscious level.

Basically, we already say NO to things on a subconscious level even before we actually think about it...

Now, what has this to do with sports?

Simple! If you are not a sports fan, you already ignore or disregard monetary gains from this direction. Basically, your subconscious tells you, ”NAAAH! it's sports, we don't like sports”.

But what about the MONEY? Isn't that the driving point in this whole story? After all, we are all in it for the money... some more, some less... but what you NEED to do here is clear yourself of emotions and think rationally.

Would you rather grind your life through a boring day-job or effortlessly place a few bets in a couple of minutes a day on events you don't give a damn about?

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Huang says:
Wow my yesterday bet 11-0 MLB Alpha Trend Washington Nationals ML Won Washington Nationals +1.5 Won New York Mets -1 Won New York Mets ML Won Cincinnati Reds -1 Won Cincinnati Reds ML Won Texas Rangers -1 Won Texas Rangers ML Won NBA San Antonio Spurs ML Won Soccer Albania (n) +0.25 Won Cartagena/Villarreal B Over 2.5 Won
Marko says:
Awesome night :) Treys picks 6-0,Sparta amazing again and I played Orioles and Reds also!!! Football 4 team parlay brought me another 4 units :) It cant be better than this.....
Daryl says:
Won 7 out of 7 bets yesterday - very happy - thx everyone!
John says:
Guys, u rock! I am slowly starting to get an understanding of what to do.. Have a gr8 day/evening. Since I am in Sydney
Alberto says:
NHL+NBA+College picks ready! Lets rock TODAY!
David says:
The line reversal updates by Trey are awesome. Great info. On behalf of myself (& probably the entire Z Code community, THANK YOU!
Rosanne says:
I am new to Z-code only having been here a couple of months - and I must say Stamos is King - about 5 weeks ago he mentioned in this chat that the LA Kings were a good future bet @ $7.50 and I LISTENED and put my money down - and after all this time and patience they won for me - thank you Stamos. I don't post unless I feel something is really important and this is - thankyou again and it proves that people listen when you speak!!
Peter K says:
Another great day for us guys, thanks to Stamos,Trey and Jonny!! My bankroll in on steroids in the upward direction!! This community rocks!!!
Ronnie says:
Hi guys, I'm a pretty new member to this community...just wanted to say thank you to all experts here!!! I'm learning something new every day and with your help growing and improving as a sports investor. I admire everyone who shares his knowledge and experience within this community...Trey, Cyril, Alberto, Mark, Marko, Stanley, Mudrac, Joao, P Andrew, Huang, Greg, Jens, Jonathan, Marina and others :) Still new and still learning about new experts here every day so sorry to all of you not mentioned above...all your work is much appreciated as well. Keep up the awesome work everyone!!!
Vincent says:
Great day of NBA yesterday! NYN won CLippers won Mil won Mia won Perfect day, keep winning community.
Sanin says:
quick recap: Carolina ML loose Jets ML WIN and draw in reg WIN Devils loose Baffalo ML win and draw in reg loose Ottawa ML loose Oilers ML win and draw in reg WIN I play 3 parlays :Jets ML + Oilers ML + Baffalo ML = 15.5 coef = WIN :Jets draw in reg + Baffalo draw in reg + Oilers draw in reg = 68 coef = Loose :Carolina ML + Devils ML + TU 5.5 Rangers - Baffalo = 4.6 coef = loose All bets 10$
Danilo says:
What a great night it was: Alpa delivered - thanks to Trey I played -1 and -2.5 for nice profit! Stamos and his Rays won! Stamos happy, me too! 11-0!!!!!!!! Jonathan and Mark were responsible for another great call Dodgers and Over on that game!!! Mudrac is a finisher. He closed up one of my best June's basebal nights! Woooooooohoooooooooooo!
Jesse says:
Big wins for me too!! +57 Units Sunday alone. All my bets won and If lakers covered my parlay would have hit and I would have been +150 units. I usually only do a parlay or 2 on sunday as a little bonus and was soo close. But none of those wins would have been possible without ZCODE! Kiss, Aragorn, Jordan-Ruth, & NBA Road systems are the best!
Jens says:
One of my best days this year few of winners was: Magic - Cavaliers over lost Wizards - Celtics over WINN Mem - Sac Kings under WINN Sac Kings Plus 7 WINN Kings - Ducks over 5 WINN Linghtning - Caps over 5.5. WINN Wild - CBL under 5 WINN Devils - Sabres Draw WINN Wild - CBL Draw LOST Boston Celtics -3,5 WINN Bulls - Det under 187 WINN total winn of the day around 600 dollars I am happy.....
Jens says:
Great start on Nfl thanks to good friend Mark and other experts on input here in Denmark the football is a small sport but I watch the games and hit just like an expert 3-0 on Nfl and my soccer over 2.5 made me going 4-0 again ......
Trey says:
Portland Trailblazers +4.5 WIN Miami Heat -13 WIN Dallas Mavericks WIN Phoenix Suns +5.5 WIN Wow we went outstanding 4-0 on NBA today!
Joao says:
Good Morning! Great day for me and my systems: O/U% System - more 2 A bet wins! O/U ERA system - 5 wins and 1 loss with a P&L of +3.7 units
Scot says:
5dimes account 14-3 Total with one of the losses an NHL Loss!! Love the ZCODE and the Group it has brought together!! OH YA ITS GOOD to be a ZCODER!!
M says:
Nice day again for Stamos and followers! I follow only Stamos picks last week. Instead of betting 10 bet each day using 15 units or more I use the same amount of units on betting only 1 or two picks depending on Stamos selection. So this way I can bet with 20% or more of the bancroll, because I would use that bancroll for 10 or so picks a day. I am not even talking about system play, because on B or C bet I would use even more units. A bad thing could be that my risk is only on one game instead of having many. I doubled my bancroll during the last week and it is scary a bit. Please share your opinions about my strategy.
Anthony says:
Thank james. all you need to make money in sport betting is 53% of all you play and hit 60% of all you play and you be a very rich guy or girl just follow the Sistem. And don't bet crazy. Bet same amount of money in every play there no bet out there that you can put all you money all you need is 55% or 60%. Of all you games and can make a good just think about it with the sistem you easy can make 1 or 2 unit per day think about that in a week. The only diferent is the size of the bet that lot of new people get kill cuz they want money fast and they don't have enough money to really make a big gain on the unit. Like yesterday the sistem went 15-5-1. That is just crazy. Trust me think about if you betting $1,000 dolars in every game like That is plus $9,000 dolars in a day But it don't matter the point here is stay plus in the long run.
Krzysztof says:
What a nice KISS from itself and Aragorn!!! More than 50 points profit! It never happened to me before! Just amazing! I'll be listening all day long Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderfull world". Thank you all.
Andy says:
Good night last night. Big win in Pens and Coyotes TT U2.5.
Cyril says:
i follow zcode since early facebook times and it has been nothing but good and helpful experience for me. guys are very helpful and try to explain how you can not just blindly follow but also understand the transparent system based on statistics.
Rodney says:
Got even with the bookies thanks to the experts and ZCode. Won 4 Loss 1 Wins: Washington ML over Mets Milwaukee (+1.5) over St. Louis Miami (+1.5) over Cubs Pittsburgh ML over Colorado Loss: Arizona ML against Cincinnati The difference here was trying to think like the bookies and so beat them in their own game.
P Andrew says:
anotha fantastic day with z code!!!!thanks trey,stamos,mudrac,jonny etc. etc. brilliant!!!!!won +6 units,bankroll getting fatter and fatter by the day.its absurd how easy it is 2 profit with this great group of people and all their advice.i think its a massive advantage for me being so ignorant of the game of baseball,never watched it,because my own feelings and opinion cant affect or poison my view of who 2 bet on.just follow trusted experts on here and in forum blindly and know they will do their best 2 see me right.once again,much gratitude 2 all u good people and all your valuable contributions
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