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Adam B. from Canada, Esports expert
Uncle Tito, Sports Expert
Anthony, programmer, creator of GPS Forex Robot
"I almost lost all my money with scam handicappers. 4 tips to succeed"
Joao, Portugal
Watch This Before You Buy
Dean "Zcode soars above human handicappers, it is bias-free and only relies on proven data to pick the winners"
"..Increased my bankroll 80 times. It just works"
Arron Mokkitt
Zcode Truth Revealed -
ZcodeSystem Review by Nick
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Live proof Zcode System WORKS!
Tania's Case Study.
From newbie to $5500 profit using Zcode sports picks
Dani "The White Tiger" Zcode System Review -
Here is what Uncle Tito has to say about Zcode:
This is fantastic! I will have you know I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the sports betting community and I can attest to the obvious and that is that no one is doing anything close to what Zcode is doing for its members. If anyone even has the type of products similar to this treasure chest of Zcode products and tools provided to us, they are keeping it to themselves. I for one know sometimes I forget all that we get for our reasonable monthly membership. I hope I never take these Zcode products and tools for granted. I would be lost without Zcode. Zcode is absolutely incredible. Thanks for everything.
Here is Shane’s story:

I just came to zcode a few weeks ago. I was paying for picks and still couldn’t turn a profit consistently. When I finally payed for zcode my bankroll was in bad shape and I needed a quick fix. The first thing I saw in the first video I watched told me not to bet the first week. Just paper track. Get a feel for who and/or what systems to follow. Needless to say, I didn’t listen and it cost me. I was already diligently tracking my play and doing my best to plug the leaks. I tried to make notes every time I made a mistake in order to recognize my flaws so I could fix them. It didn’t take long for me to realize that zcode wasn’t about getting picks. It’s about first developing the patience and discipline it takes to bet successfully long term. I started off playing Rafas ABC Quarters system picks as straight bets on the outcome. 😂🤣 It wasn’t until just a few days ago that someone else asked a question about his picks. Then I asked a question for which I was told where to find the description of said system.

I couldn’t understand how anyone using any system could be that profitable. Then I asked Carlos if there was somewhere I could see his pick history. Another very impressive record, and more proof that there was something to be said about that system. I’ve been telling friends about zcode and trying to explain to them that it’s not about getting picks. (Jason and GDog are currently my favorites to follow for straight bets ATS) It’s a community designed to help you develop the right mentality. I feel like a fool having not asked questions earlier.

I’m sure I’ve got a ways to go, but a do believe I’ve turned a corner that I seriously doubt I would have even got to if it wasn’t for zcode. I make much fewer bets, but I’ve been winning much more consistently. It’s only been a month or so on zcode as a member but as you can see from the picture

I’ve attached. Zcode was already making a difference before I got here. Now that I’m here, I’ll never pay for another pick. I will get better with each passing day. Catch fish for a man and you feed his family for a day. Teach that man to fish and you feed his family for life. Thank you zcode and all of the contributing members for all you do. And thank you all for being so friendly and informative. There’s no shame in not knowing or understanding. The shame would be in not taking the time to ask questions of those who are more than happy to help. Mahalo plenty Z-Fam! Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

And here is the short story of Lloyd
The line reversal tool being able to see where the public money is on is probably one of my favorites MLB would be my top sport to invest in, NFL and NBA come in second.
The predictions and forecast never fail; neither does our judgment!

Zcode System has become one of our most reliable partners.

The predictions and forecast never fail; neither does our judgment!

We have used the Zcode system for a long time, and we are very happy with the outcome - and so are our readers!

Rickard from

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02:51 AM

Michal says:
Good day for me :)

MON Canadiens @ BUF Sabres UNDER 5.5 WON
NAS Predators +1.0 WON (thx ZCODE!)
Nashville Predators ML WON (thx ZCODE!)
Nashville Predators - X in reg WON (Mike, thx you very much!)
Colorado ML WON (thx Steve!)
Colorado over 2,5 WON (thx Steve!)

Thx you ZCODE and all community, i love you write ups!

04:09 AM

Stamos says:
Oh boy, we are unstoppable!!! Stamos won again! Thank you everyone! Well done on preds zcodesystem and Mark on sharks!

04:50 AM

Danilo says:
+$744 for ZCode PODers! When mad February ends it's time for March madness! :)

05:26 AM

Rolando says:
Super day for me again, my crazy parlays "All under 5.5" and "All goes overtime nearly" nearly all won bringing me 900 bucks today (I invested around 200 only)

05:56 AM

jerry w says:
Haha great day again !
I hit the 4 teams parlays and also all the team deliver most of the packages. What a tough day for all the teams ! great to watch this awesome sport and make profits ! I love u guys !

05:57 AM

Rob says:
Mon Tie - Won
Ducks Tie - Won
Sharks Tie - Lost
Preds Tie - Won
Preds ML - Won
Preds TTO2.5 - Won
Mon +1 - Push
Ducks +1 - Push
Mon U5.5 - Won

6-1 and 2 push.

Very pleased with that and couldn't have done it without you all.

05:57 AM

Bails says:
another great night!bookies must be getting nervous...thanks zcode and fellow investors..lets keep knocking them off!!

07:32 AM

Yasen says:
Sharks + 1, Avs ML on for me yesterday. Good times!

06:57 PM

Alan says:
i've been very successful lately.

02:33 AM

Michal says:
Amazing day for me! Thank you ZCODE (full package form Rangers!), Rolando, Steve.S, Alberto, Mike, Stanley, Jonathan, Cyril, Yasen. I placed few bets with yours yesteday picks, i added few mine pickes and i went 14-5-1! What a pity that my bankroll is not big enough ;)!

LA over 2.5 WIN
LA-DET over 5 WIN
LA X in reg LOST
Wahington Capitals ML WIN
capitals x WIN
capitals game under 5.5 LOST
Florida ML WIN
Dallas ML WIN
St. Louis ML LOST
St. Louis X WIN
St. Louis game under 5,5 LOST
Panthers over 2.5 WIN
Rangers ML WIN
Rangers -1 WIN
Rangers over 2,5 WIN
boston game over 5 WIN
Capitals -1 PUSH
calgary X in reg WIN
toronto x in reg LOST

03:14 AM

Stamos says:
Oh boy, I am on fire! Yet another winner!

03:50 AM

Danilo says:
+$654 for A-league PODers!
My Kings've finally started to play some hockey! That was only the lonely bet for me last night. So we coud say I went 100% haha

04:22 AM

Alberto says:
What a fantastic day again :)! You are awesome guys! lets keep rocking :)!

04:36 AM

Danilo says:
6.3.12 +1493
7.312 +760
8.3.12 +1032
9.3.12 +1064
10.3.12 +1725
11.3.12 +2253
12.3.12 +3226
13.3.12 +3970
14.3.12 +4624

04:46 AM

Kacper says:
WOW, I went 9-1 yesterday !! What a great tools and support, what a great comnunity ! What else to say ? THANK YOU :)

04:47 AM

Marko says:
I went 100% last night: PHI TTO won,LA ML won,LA -1 won,LA Over 5 won,WAS ML won,RANGERS ML,-1,TTO and TTU all won,MINN TTU,TOR TTU,DALL ML and PANTHERS ML,-1,TTO!!!
When I saw it I almost start crying.........thanks to all who post yesterday.

04:50 AM

Jonny says:
Marko, 15-0 night, that is amazing!

06:25 AM

Tim says:
Another big day for Z-code.
Ranger,200 to win 109.29 won
Rangers,-1.0,200 to win 183.49 won
Washington,200 to win 176.99 won
San Jose/Calgary,over 5.0,200 to win 145.99 push
Detroit/Kings,over 5.0,200 to win 172.41 won
Total won=$642.18
That now takes me to $4,031.29 in 23 days.Thanks Z-code and to everyone who posts ideas in this forum.If anyone is thinking of giving up because this seems too hard,don't.It takes a week or two but it becomes easier the more you read all the posts.

01:43 PM

Jens says:
I must say we are a group of winners.
Dallas ML winn
Blues-Hawks OT winn
Panthers Over 2.5 winn
Panthers ML winn
L.A.Kings Over 2.5. winn
Capitals ML winn
Blues-Hawks U. 5.5 .Loss
Red Wings-L.A. O 5 winn
Boston -Tamba O 5.5. winn
Boston ML Loss
Rangers ML winn
Islander O 2.5. winn
Toronto U 2.5. winn
So I am so glad 11-2

and I still use a little bankroll but it is for sure getting bigger so a ROI last night of 61.9% Wow.

02:10 AM

Jonny says:
NHL: WIN ML WON +200, ANA ML WON +200 = +400
NBA: PHI -2 LOSS -110, TOR +2 LOSS -110, DET +3.5 WON +100, DET ML WON +115 = -5
MLB: TOR ML WON +100, DET ML WON +100, DET -1.5 LOSS -100, WAS ML LOSS -110, SEA ML WON +100 = +90

Finished +485 for the day.

05:09 AM

Trey says:
I expect very profitable week on NBA / College Basketball
Like I said my systems work in cycles and now I am on the up-trend.

06:17 AM

Yasen says:
Nice evening - Avs draw + Avs+1 + Jets Ml + Detroit ML(not sure why I keep trusting them) = nice profit!

02:25 AM

Danilo says:
So Bernard won again right? haha Amazing streak continues - 17 in a row! Bravo!

04:10 AM

Michal says:
Great day for me. I hit 5/5 :)
Los Angeles Kings ML @2,01
Montreal Canadiens +1,5 @1,52
Oilers over 2,5 @1,66
Jets over 2,5 @1,67
Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars UNDER 5,5 @1,78

04:55 AM

Emil says:
2-0 nice :) Kings ML and OTT ML

04:55 AM

Daryl says:
Great day again thanks to Z-Code!! 4/4 Wins - DAL/CHI under 5.5, CHI +1.5, OTT/MON Under 5.5, and MON +1.5.

04:55 AM

Rolando says:
very good day for me as well. I was right on Ottawa, very strong oscillator signal there and they could find a power to win despite losing 1-0 whole game!

05:00 PM

Jens says:
Hi Stanley I agree I got ROI of 30% last night ...
Hope you post your picks at the forum again before the nights games

11:22 PM

Mudrac says:
4-1 today,very good night,solid profit...We won on Flames under 5.5,Oilers under 5.5,Jackets TTU 2.5 and Jets TTO 2.5...We missed only Ducks vs Preds over 5(Ducks couldnt score anything).Low score in Calgary and Edmonton as we expected,not much goals from Jackets for us.Jets lost but scored 3 goals for TTO.Move on,next day is coming! Regards for all!

05:02 AM

Trey says:
Very good day for me again, 12 Wins, including 2 PODs on NHL, 5 losses , full package on MLB with new Zcode mlb-beta!

The sports are in a good balance. When MLB is going down usually I win big time on NBA/NHL like on Sunday.. When NHL fails I get my profit from MLB and basketball like yesterday :)

12:02 PM

Jens says:
Thanks Mike and I am thanksfull to be a part of this 100 percent winning team and will be around as long as Zcode HI HI

02:47 AM

Jonny says:
Great Day!

MLB: Detroit -1.5 RL - WIN
NHL: Chicago -1.5 PL - WIN
NBA: Milwaukee +3.5 - WIN
Parylay: Chicago -1.5 PL and Milwaukee +3.5 - WIN

Chicago -1.5 PL - WIN
Pittsburgh -1.5 PL - WIN
Parlay: Chicago -1.5 PL and Pittsburgh -1.5 PL - WIN

Up over $700 for the day!

02:53 AM

Mark says:
Wow that's a great job. I think today was my best day of the season. 7-0 is really impressive Jonathan!

04:38 AM

Stamos says:
Kings won big time! Stamos is in profit!

05:48 AM

Stanley says:
I paid my dues, another profit cashed for mr. score
TOTAL: -600 + 709 -142 + 603 + 624 = 1,194 PROFIT
will be drinking hard tonight. don't bet much today, games are kind of random like Mark said. Have patience and wait for the kill!

08:29 AM

Marko says:
One of the best nights this year!! Both my PODS(huge bets) hit, PITT and HAWKS!!
I even got -1.5 on both,Jonny I so happy for you,you deserved this kind of profit!
Trey and Alberto thank you for MLB picks,awesome ;) :)

10:02 AM

Daryl says:
Won 7 out of 7 bets yesterday - very happy - thx everyone!

04:25 PM

Leonard says:
Good job yesterday Al like I said you're the MAN.

04:57 PM

Mudrac says:
I posted my pics for today.You are welcome to comment about them on forum.Regards and good luck for all!

05:38 PM

Alberto says:
My picks qlreqdy for those interested!

07:04 PM

Mike says:
Alberto and I are doing the research on the MLB hot trends for Zcode. Looks amazing so far! Dog trend shows $21,799 profit by betting $100 fixed. Very excited!!

01:31 AM

Sanin says:
if you would understand my english you will be win all picks today :D

Pitsburg ML WIN
Philadelpia WIN
Tamba Bay WIN (some peaple dont trust me)
Calgary - Minesota Draw in reg WIN
Vancuver ML win
San Jose ML win
Coyotes - Avalance TU 5.5 WIN

after work i go drink

07:48 AM

Rolando says:
6 out of 7 on MLB. I won Kings yesterday, very low scoring day

03:10 AM

Sanin says:
quick recap:
Carolina ML loose
Jets ML WIN and draw in reg WIN
Devils loose
Baffalo ML win and draw in reg loose
Ottawa ML loose
Oilers ML win and draw in reg WIN

I play 3 parlays :Jets ML + Oilers ML + Baffalo ML = 15.5 coef = WIN
:Jets draw in reg + Baffalo draw in reg + Oilers draw in reg = 68 coef = Loose
:Carolina ML + Devils ML + TU 5.5 Rangers - Baffalo = 4.6 coef = loose
All bets 10$

03:20 AM

Sanin says:
How about baseball? Trey result 6-2 great!!!

03:22 AM

Stamos says:
I ended in a big profit thanks to trey

12:55 AM

Mark says:
GREAT day. Up 28 units counting an 8 unit win on Louisville in NCAA Basketball... so 20 units of hockey...

Someone called me crazy yesterday - crazy like a fox.

Stars ML - W
Wings Preds Pens parlay - W W L = L
Preds -1.5 small wager W
Wings -1.5 small wager - L
Penguins -1.5 small wager L
Wild small wager L
Habs small wager L
Islanders ML small wager L
Islanders Bruins Coyotes +1.5 parlay = big win
Coyotes ML small wager L
Bruins ML (Because I'm CRAAAAZY) 4 units pays 4.4 units W
Rangers POD huge wager = Win 10 units
Canucks POD huge wager = win 10 units

What a fantastic day! 5-5 on ML picks but won huge in confident bets. Bruins Rags and Canucks!

01:02 AM

Danilo says:
BUF ML won
NYR ML won
PIT ML lost
PHI PL -1 won
NYI ML lost
LAK lost
Parlay PHI+NAS+DET won

OK, I will have to learn some baseball I just copied picks from Alberto and I think there is 1 push but all others won - AMAZING JOB ALBERTO!

03:56 AM

Marko says:
Good day for us I went 5-1,only upset was PITT!!
MLB was great again,all wins and just one push :)
Thanks again Alberto and Trey!

05:00 AM

Trey says:
We went outstanding yet again yesterday:

NHL: 4 Wins 1 Loss

Basketball: another outstanding win here on NBA and College
big profit $$
Our biggest teams like Louisville all showed up for a great wins!! How did you do?
still a few pending for today

MLB: Yet another outstanding MLB night. We made so much money this preseason together it's not even funny. I am happy this turned out so well!! Good job Alberto, Mike and Zcode tools that helped us to win it.

05:03 AM

Rob says:
An outstanding day for me all round. More of the same please :-)

05:09 AM

Rolando says:
biggest profits of the week yesterday! thanks everyone!

12:15 PM

Alberto says:
Wow, yesterday I went outstanding in my picks, hope you have followed :)!
9-0 in MLB + 4-0 College basketball + 4-0 NHL + 2-3 NBA = 19-3 $$$$$ 1,850 USD $$$$

12:15 PM

Trey says:
posted NHL plays, also maybe Salami Over 37.5 goals today.

01:31 PM

Alberto says:
NHL+NBA+College picks ready! Lets rock TODAY!

03:37 PM

Mudrac says:
I posted my picks for today on forum.Good luck guys and profitable Sunday for all!

01:52 AM

Mark says:
Another pretty good day to finish the week at 60 units of profit... continuing an excellent March.

Devils over 1st period 1.5: 2 units W
Devils over 5.5 POD 2 units W
Devils ML 1 unit L (who didn't see that coming?)
Blackhawks ML 2 units L
Caps ML 2 units W
Caps Blues parlay W
Bruins ML 3 units W
Oilers 4 units W
Oilers -1.5 W
Blues Under 5 W
Blues ML 4 units W
Panthers 3p line PUSH
Panthers ML Loss

Good day.

02:30 AM

Danilo says:
Good day - great day!

WAS -1 win
PIT TTO 2,5 win
PIT -1 win
PHX TTU 2,5 win
FLA ML loss
BOS ML win
STL ML win

MIA ML loss
MIA under 202 win

My favourite yesterdays BOS and STL was copied from Italian stallion haha. Thanks Mark!

02:31 AM

Trey says:
Another outstanding day for me and the followers on MLB: 5 Wins 2 Loss
2 losses on the smallest bets on Rays and Mets while wins on the biggest bets such as Cardinals and Toronto! Alberto went even better: 8 Wins 1 Loss! WOW!

03:21 AM

Alberto says:
MLB 7 -2, NHL 2-1, college 0-3 :(, NBA 4-2
13-8 for a $$$$520 USD$$$ Hope you have followed

05:41 AM

Mudrac says:
Great night indeed! 4 wins for us! Ovi led Caps to important win for them and for us.As I said,Panthers have problem with pressure,low score for us.Preds played awesome in open game vs Hawks and delivered over 5.Coyotes didnt have a chance vs Blues strong defence,TTU 2.5 for us.

Good day,lets try to repeat this often! Regards from Mudrac...

11:08 AM

Jens says:
Its was a good evening
MLB 3-O Cardinals - Toronto - Angels Tanks Trey.
NHL 4-2 Penguins Over 2.5 winn
Boston Over 2.5. winn
Penguins Game Over 5 winn
Capitals ML winn

Lost on Panthers and Blackhawks.

02:49 PM

Rob says:
Another nice profit across Hockey, Baseball and Basketball. Well done everyone.

02:49 PM

Bails says:

You are great keep it up,as for my soccer tips I am now 6/7 and more to come,

03:10 PM

Tim says:
Played it safe today!
Pittsburgh,over 2.5

03:10 PM

Andy says:
Good night last night. Big win in Pens and Coyotes TT U2.5.

04:57 PM

Yasen says:
I have posted my picks in the forum! Have a profitable night guys ;)!

05:13 PM

Alberto says:
NHL+College+NBA picks ready :)!

03:41 AM

Mudrac says:

What to say,another 4-0 tonight!!! I hope you followed me! We won again!
Caps and Sabres bring over for us,Wild vs Rags under for us.Panthers won after shutout and Tampa didnt score more than 2 goals.
Move on,we have a lot profitable games for us! Regards from Mudrac!

03:41 AM

Stamos says:
Stamos guaranteed day saver WON!!!

03:53 AM

Alberto says:

05:42 AM

Mudrac says:
What to say guys...I hope you enjoyed like I was last night! 4-wins and 1-push,great day indeed!
Canes and Sabres lost but scored 3 goals for us.Lundqvist was good so Habs couldnt score much.Jackets comes under 5.5...Wings and Preds bring us push for great score...Regards from Mudrac!We did it again...
Mark said everything!His ML,PL are awesome...He told you about our parlay(one ML from him + one Totals from me) and I hope it become tradition...great job Donatiello! Great work from Jonny,Alberto,Michal,Trey...amazing!

07:25 AM

Mike says:
Overall: 16 - 6, +$3,132 yesterday on NHL by placing all Zcode VIP bets (zcode + all experts together)
Breakeven on MLB/Basketball.

08:06 AM

Stanley says:
Awesome day for me yesterday , won big on Rags and avoided stupid Sabres.

05:15 AM

Rolando says:
My pods both won yesterday
Flyers TT Over 2.5 1.74 WIN
Devils Over 2.5 1.76 WIN

05:24 AM

Mike says:
I ended up with a solid profit +1,301 . 20 WINS 15 Losses 2 Pushes. I blew Blues and Preds but won much more on other picks. Thanks to Mark for the Devils' full package! I am trying to place all zcode picks and most of expert picks too.

06:51 AM

Mudrac says:
Final score March +$$$$ 3,367 $$$$

90-wins 45-loses 9-push

I went 3-2 last night with small profit,but profit...Caps,Yotes and Devils score at least 3 goals for our TTO on them...We lost TOR vs BUF under and CBJ TTU,but all in all solid night.Me and Mark hit our parlay again: his pick was Devils ML( is it possible?! xa,xa ) and mine was WAS TTO 2.5...MMP (Mark-Mudrac-Parlay) is winner again!
As you see I posted my final score for March,winning rate is 67%...Good result,but I will try to be better...Regards and wish you profitable April...Mudrac

08:29 AM

Alberto says:
Nice day on MLB 9-5 :)! Yesterday I ended up +729USD! :)!

03:02 PM

Rob says:
I had an excellent day up 8 units and my first full month as a Zcoder with a profit of 24 units...which isn't bad as I was only breaking even on the 15th of the month.

05:12 AM

Alberto says:
Coming back in an outstanding night in MLB 7-1-1!

07:04 AM

Trey says:
Outstanding day for Trey!

Great day on basketball, I hope you followed and got the profits with me 7 - 4
with amazing wins on Kentucky that brought so much profit to us!

MLB: Summary : 9 - 4 What a comeback!!

NHL : 5-1 on NHL! $$$$

08:15 AM

Jens says:
6-1 on most following Alberto - Hands up my friend..

05:52 AM

Trey says:
7-3 on NHL including my biggest win!

06:06 AM

Stanley says:

one way or another I am always finding my way to get some cash..

03:53 AM

Stamos says:
First? Stamos is very happy again. Cardinals won, blues under, Tampa over. 3/3 win

04:30 AM

Trey says:
Outstanding day for me yesterday.

1. NHL 2 Win - 1 Push. Again, Tampa Over was not my play but who cares, we are one money making family here, I placed it anyways and won $$.

2. MLB hope you did not go heavy on Marlins because Cards won it 4-1 and brought us a perfect day on MLB. Remember we are supposed to bet road dogs in April.

My preseason experiment is officially over with the final result of +4713 USD Profit

3. 6-4 on NBA with several big wins on
San Antonio Spurs, Hawks, Nets! $$$$

04:57 AM

Tim says:
Another good start to the month with Z-code and awesome suggestions!
Washington,ML,200 to win 141.84,WON
Washington,-1.0,200 to win 258,WON
Washington,over 2.5,100 to win 76.34,WON
Florida,under 2.5,100 to win 84.75,WON
Montreal/Carolina,under 5.5,100 to win 79.37,WON
Pittsburgh/Rangers,over 5.5,100 to win 86.21,WON
Tampa Bay,+1.0,200 to win 134.23,PUSH
Tampa Bay/Toronto,under 6.0,100 to win 105,WON
Anaheim/Edmonton,under 5.5,100 to win 79.37
April total so far=+1,235.10

04:58 AM

Jens says:
I made a few bets

MLB 3-0
NHl 3-1
Soccer 2-0

One of my best days 8-1 wow and ROI 56% !!!


03:49 PM

Rob says:
What an outstanding day. Big profits (about 12 units) and I've had a great day scuba diving in Egypt. I could get used to days like this.

12:31 PM

Scot says:
12-3 on the day includes two parlays that Hit one which was a Three Team parlay!!! Yippee!! How bout my read on the Rangers!! I said they would break out in offense and they did with 11 runs!! This is going to be a GOOD YEAR!! scot i took No hockey and 1 basketball game

01:46 PM

Scot says:
Boy am i getting lucky with parlays, just went to my 5dimes acct and i hit a 5 team last night!! LOL..Im on fire Boys and even when we lose a game we or two in a series we can still win over all on the series of games!! I LOVE ZCODE!! and ALL of YOU!!

08:28 AM

Tim says:
Milwaukee,ML,300 to win 254.24 (Won)
Arizona,ML,300 to win 351 (Lost)
Philadelphia,-1.5,100 to win 171 (Won)
Dodgers,-1.5,100 to win 161 (Won)
Over 5.5,Philadelphia/Pittsburgh,100 to win 81.30 (Won)
+367.54 for the day,+2,527.93 for April so far!
Love Z-Code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05:40 AM

Rob says:
I think that was my world record day as a Zcoder up 18 units;
Soccer 4-2 (2 uniits)
NBA 5-1 (2 units)
MLB 6-3 (2 units)

The best results were in the NHL where I picked all 3 ties, each at 3.90
NHL 9-1-1 (12 units).

If the rest of the month could be like this, I would be very happy.

05:41 AM

Mike says:
I am very happy today. I never play parlays usually but with Alberto's help I placed the following parlay:
Win 2 Team Parlay
Win 4/12/12 10:05pm MLB Baseball 959 Arizona Diamondbacks -1 -106* vs San Diego Padres (I Kennedy - R must Start A Bass - R must Start)
Win 4/12/12 2:05pm MLB Baseball 968 Texas Rangers -1 -176* vs Seattle Mariners (J Vargas - L must Start D Holland - L must Start)

And WON IT BIG!! Let's rock today!

07:16 PM

Mudrac says:
Great results Mike!!! MLB will be very profitable in days to come!!!

05:48 AM

Trey says:

Portland Trailblazers +4.5 WIN
Miami Heat -13 WIN
Dallas Mavericks WIN
Phoenix Suns +5.5 WIN

Wow we went outstanding 4-0 on NBA today!

05:48 AM

Trey says:

Detroit Red Wings ML WIN
Detroit Red Wings +1.5 WIN
Jersey Devils ML WIN
Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5 WIN
Philadelphia Flyers Over 6 WIN
Pittsburgh Penguins ML Loss
Pittsburgh Penguins-1 Loss
Los Angeles Kings +1.5 WIN

6-2 very good results on NHL!

11:22 AM

Scot says:
Finished Sunday 9-3!! Ranger continue to dominate not losing to teams they should beat. Yanks took care of business too. Look forward to a good week...

04:00 AM

Cyril says:
thanks guys! i lost a couple of bets on nhl but MLB delivered yesterday much more for me.. let have a great winning day today to salute the zcode!

07:09 AM

Stamos says:
I wish I had this community 27 years ago when I juust started. Keep up good work, folks. We'll get the bookies together!

10:39 AM

Scot says:
7-3 yesterday!! Hit my two team parlay of Philly/Tigers!!

12:11 PM

Stefanos says:
Welcome to all new members! Three months ago, i was just like you. I was entering this community even having no knowledge at all about nhl and now i'm enjoying it and making money of it with the precious help of ZCode and its experts!

12:17 PM

Jakob says:
i joined the community on facebook in early december.. i dont post much because i am not a expert, i just love following the community and picks. i made a lot of mistakes first. my advice is to be consistent. dont change your approach if you have a bad week. it works great if we follow the system long term and dont worry about day to day results. sometimes we have a bad week and its very discouraging for newbies like me but when after 4 months i seee my balance nearly tripled already by following zcode and experts on forum combined I am happy!! cheers!!

02:17 AM

Alberto says:
WOW! AWESOME Day for the Elite Club! 12-3! Perfect NHL 3-0, Perfect NBA 3-0 and Awesome MLB 6-3! Did you follow? The profit was $2400...WOW!

03:48 AM

Marvin says:
I am a newbie to this forum, have made nice profit in only 2 days using zcode pics! Not very experienced at sports investing so If I can make money Zcode speaks for itself. Please explain how to play the following elite club pic. Washington Nationals -1.5 2.20 vs Houston Astros
Thanks guys, I look forward to a great season.

05:00 AM

Yasen says:
Perfect 2-0 on the NHL for me! Daniel Sedin made the difference for Vancouver and the ridiculous Overs continued in the Pennsylvania battle where the Pens remain alive!

05:37 AM

Mudrac says:
Mudrac is back on track!!! What a good day for us! We went 8-4 on MLB with + 2,71 unit of profit and on NHL we hited Canucks TTO 2.5 and get push from Sens vs Rags over 5 for +1.15 unit...All in all, + 3.86 unit for today! Move on guys,lot of games waiting for us! Lets make more profit! Regards from Mudrac...

06:57 AM

Marko says:
Nice profit last night :) let's move on!

11:31 AM

Alberto says:
Elite club picks for early games posted!!! More picks later...

12:07 PM

Dale says:
Great day guys. Let's just keep plugging along building the roll. Thanks for all the contributions.

05:30 PM

John says:
Guys, u rock! I am slowly starting to get an understanding of what to do.. Have a gr8 day/evening. Since I am in Sydney

07:42 AM

Stepans says:
i'm new here and don't how to set avatar? i love this community of people who know their stuff. a lot of knowledge but it's fun at the same time! you don't keep it boring. i follow only 3 days but already doing very good. yesterday i went breaven but before that i had 2 winning days, up 12% already! looking frwd to have a great season wit you!!

thanks for helping newbies like me!

08:20 AM

Ming says:
i'm new here , i follow jonathan. he is a real deal. i like trey and alberto picks too. i also plan to follow hot trends this season. thank you zcode!

08:24 AM

Ming says:
i am amazed how much value this vip club has. everyone has something for him. never saw anything close to zcode community! usually people send non-working picks by email and never let people interact because they know people will tell it's a scam. thank you for changing it !

12:37 PM

Scot says:
6-3 MLB yesterday!! Stay with systems and you will WIN, follow Trey if you dont understand the system Bets!!

02:58 AM

Jonny says:
I've been killing it in baseball

STL -1.5 W
SFO/NYM Under 7.5 W
ATL/ARI Under 8.5 L
NBA: SAS -6.5 W

04:17 AM

Bart says:
Hi guys, first day here. I'm really impressed, 4 bets and 4 wins:
Predators W
White Sox W
Braves W
Cardinals W

04:17 AM

Bojan says:
Hey everyone! My first post, went 2-1 yesterday, cashed in Nashville and Atlanta, Baltimore lost. Positive day, all good. It looks like rich Saturday with picks

04:56 AM

John says:
My third day in a row using Zcode VIP Picks. Little loss first day(my bad i think), good win two last days. Have read on the forum every day and I am honestly impressed. Will follow up the Elite Club and other tips. Look forward to an profitable season.

04:58 AM

Cyril says:
i follow zcode since early facebook times and it has been nothing but good and helpful experience for me. guys are very helpful and try to explain how you can not just blindly follow but also understand the transparent system based on statistics.

05:26 AM

Yasen says:
Good day for me too - Pens and Preds won for me! Didn't hit the PL, but I placed considerably more money on the ML, so nice profit anyway! Nice day on MLB too! Busy day in NHL today - 5 games!

06:02 AM

Suvarnam says:
i don't know much about sports, i was a stock trader. and was completely lost first day but with the help of you guys i am catching up very fast, already started my profit plan for this season on baseball. I am winning it and don't even know baseball rules. i try to treat it as trading like with my stocks trading, so i dont get emotional on sports and treat it like a currency trading.

I made a spreadsheet where i fix every team as a currency. then I cross check them with another team so for Cincinatty Chicago I made a currency CIN/CHI this helps me trade sports with no emotions and win!! thank you!!

06:28 AM

Marko says:
I cashed in 800$,thanks to Trey and his NBA and MLB picks!
Preds delevired as well :))

07:32 PM

Mudrac says:
Guys,what to say,Mudrac hited again! Another 5-0 on MLB, +3.64 unit for today...

1.Tampa Bay Rays ML at 1.67
2.ST.Louis Cards ML at 1.80
3.Houston Astros +1.5 at 1.77
4.Cincinnati Reds ML at 1.70
5.Oakland Athletics +1.5 at 1.70

So, in 2 days 10-0 and +7.80 unit... Good weekend indeed! Regards from Mudrac...

12:18 AM

Jonny says:
Amazing day! 6 Wins and 2 cancellations.



MIA -5.5 WIN

Won or pushed all straight wagers. 8 team parlay bumped to 6 team parlay WIN

02:16 AM

Danilo says:
ZCoders have been cooking great lately! Awesome results guys!

05:24 PM

Mark says:
I Just wanted to thank all of the experts and z-code, I am very new to this site and by far the best site I have ever seen. Once again thank you for all the hard work you do to benfit yourself and your neighbor

12:01 PM

Scot says:
@Cyril I am real big on the series system bets, it is similiar to how i used to win and make money every year.. Over long hual of the month it will win and MLB is very mathmatical so things always fall where they need to be.. Indians,Nats, 1st Game Giants, small on Cards and 1st 5 Philly, small on Detroit B bet..

12:09 PM

Scot says:
Sorry went 8-3 yesterday!! Im not so good in math. I have a secondary account that ill post the snapshot..
Folks this is the only place to be ZCODE!!.

04:48 PM

Peter says:
i'm new to the code and looks like some great insights by alot of people. Hope to learn and win with you.

06:37 PM

Tonychara says:
..thanks trey..very good insite! i've been followin different cappers for last year and was always losing. for some reason just after i join them they stopped winning.. i thought i was cursed or something.. and once i stopped there following they started winning again.. i was so mad. finally i understood the problem, i could not follow long enough to win. did not saw the big picture!! that what helped me understand it and follow thought. very important .. thank you! great community and i learned a lot here already! :D

02:03 AM

Michal says:
i am again in profit, small profit, but profit! Great picks from Mudrac! He went 4:1!!!

03:10 AM

Danilo says:
First 3 competitors (Marko, Trey & Stamos) at the NHL POD contest with amazing result so far. Together they are 24 units up! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!
To all newbies: Wellcome and try it yourself - it's not over yet!

04:46 AM

Mudrac says:
Mudrac continue his MLB dream,another good night indeed...Cards and Nats did it for us,Under comes on Orioles and Dodgers as we expected...Only lost was one run on Phillies under...

1.St.Louis Cardinals ML at 1.75 WON
2.Washington Nationals ML at 1.78 WON
3.Arizona D vs Philadelphia P under 8.0 at 1.85 LOST
4.Baltimore O vs Toronto BJ under 9.0 at 1.75 WON
5.LA D vs Atlanta B under 7.0 at 1.80 WON

Move on,we need to be better and better!!! April is still here,MLB is warming for us!Regards from Mudrac...

04:48 AM

Bojan says:
3-0 today, STL and WSH in MLB and WSH +1,5 NHL, Great stuff

04:51 AM

Bradley says:
All winners. 9-0 yesterday. Nice.

10:03 AM

Scot says:
5-3 Day yesterday and Almost hit the Rangers over, Missed by one point!! It was a push though at 10 runs..Hit the Philly 1st 5(thanks Trey!! I love that bet in certain instances)

10:34 AM

Wong says:
A pretty good day for me accept for the Indians and a few little losses on team totals. Just wasn't so sure for a lot of the teams except Braves, Nationals and Rays, so I decided to try a little different kinda bet this time around. Turned out not too bad, I lost a few but my wins all covered it up for me and even the big loss with the Indians. I'm finally back up winning 6 units today and up $30 overall for my first week with MLB and Z-Code, with my biggest win today coming for the RAYS (love you mate). It wasn't easy I have to say, as the Alpha/Delta trend were not accurate all the time. 3 out of 5 times I followed the trend I lost, so I had to try different bets to adjust my winnings and cover my losses. Thanks to Mark, Mike, Jonathan, Trey, Stamos, Mudrac, Yasen, Michal; you guys give us Newbies valuable opinions and insights into the games so that we can make a good pick/bet.

09:46 AM

Trey says:
Marko is our NHL genius.. +$ 1063 profit on PODs! Super man is beaten. Who goes higher than a super man? God of Hockey or something.. Ultimate brain of profits. I followed each of his PODs since the beginning secretly on my private account as well :)

10:12 AM

Jakob says:
jonny was very helpful so far. My total is 51-36 since april 15. top performers for me are jonny (mlb only), marko (NHL), stamkos (nhl, mlb), zcode recommendations (mlb only), mudrag (mlb), mark (nhl), yasen (nhl), trey and alberto (nba+mbl) . i simply place only those where everyone seems to agree and so far made +$4713 since april 15.

12:01 AM

Scot says:
The System Works Boys and Girls, 8-2 Today MLB!!! No guessing no trying to figure out things, Just Do It!!

12:08 AM

Scot says:
5dimes account 14-3 Total with one of the losses an NHL Loss!! Love the ZCODE and the Group it has brought together!! OH YA ITS GOOD to be a ZCODER!!

12:38 AM

Alberto says:
Just perfect the Elite Club! 9-0! That would be 10-0 but forgot to place the one for phillies that also qualified but just forgot it. But ok, 9-0 is just awesome also :)!

03:43 AM

Cyril says:
Simply the best. won every bet yesterday! i wish every day is the same!

03:44 AM

Bails says:
Super day on MLB & Soccer...great family this is!!

03:44 AM

Christopher says:
Awsome day. Went 9-0 on elite picks. 2-0 soccer. + 9.46% up in 1 night. Awsome guys thankyou alberto.

03:44 AM

Bart says:
8-1 +4,7 units up. Thanks to Trey and Alberto. Great job!

04:07 AM

Ming says:
I don't know how you do it but this is the best place to follow. period. thank you guys again! I told my two friends yesterday and they got very excited too!

p.s Salute to Jonathan too!!! You are my hero!!

08:35 AM

John says:
Thank you all for a great VIP Club. I`ve been here for a week and my accounts are in great profit. Following Trey, Alberto, Elite, Zcode and some MudRac. Some fun bets taken from POD(Thank you Marko) and Rob in soccer. If this continues can I sack my boss ;) Look forward for years to come with great profits. Great job Steve C.!

06:00 AM

Jens says:
I said yesterday White Sox would winn and they did so 4-1 and my advicw on taking Arizona Plus 1 also
smooth winn.
Another great pick was Cleveland.
SO this was great:
White Sox ML Winn
White Sox -l.5 Winn
Arizona Plus 1 Winn
Cleveland Winn
N.Y Yankee ML Winn
N.Y. Yankee -1.5 Winn
Cardinals Lost
S.F.Giants ML Winn
N.Y. Mets ML Winn
Braves ML Winn
Braves -l.5 Lost
Kansas ML Lost

9-3 and a great run...

So quit happy about my picks
White Sox winn

04:52 AM

Rodney says:
Monday was my best day since joining ZCode:

MLB (I don't know anything about baseball but I'm a quick learner and nos. my forte)
Phils ML W
OAK +1.5 L
Ddack ML W
Orlando Magic L
Dallas W
LA Kings +1.5 W
NY Rangers +1.5 W
Anyways, thanks to everyone in here for their honest view on each play. Certainly and as of now, I could not have done this on my own. Muchas gracias.

09:52 AM

Scot says:
@Jon,Am I a sports prophet!! Good day yesterday, I tried to warn ya bout those O's!! I went 3-0 in the PoD yesterday and finished 5-2 and hit my parlay of Texas/Angels! Of coarse took Trey's pick on the unreal Yu D 1sr 5!

04:34 PM

Princess Dominice says:
it's a little bit funny ....i even know 5% about the rules of baseball but with zcode i make seriously money *THUMPS UP*

01:00 AM

Princess Dominice says:
15-5-1 +9.6u day for picks based just on ZCode Recommends. No tools, no analyzing, no experts...easily followed the left side suggestions each game!

04:31 AM

Marcus says:
I have been following you since november, and i must really say that here is really professionals. Zcode combined with you guys makes us unbeatable. Just want to say hi to all of you guys here from Finland, (where we just won Belarus in world cup of hockey! LOL ) Regards Marcus P.S. May. 4th +3 units Zcode rules!

01:51 PM

Pieter says:
Correct me if im wrong
P/S M/l O/U
1.Dodgers L W
2.White Sox W W
3.Reds W P
4.Phillies W W
5.Rangers L W
6.Mets W W
7.Orioles W W
8.Rays W W
9.Cardinals L W
10.Yankees W L
11.Rockies W W
12.Marlins W W
13.Blue jays W L
14.Twins W L
15.Brewers W W

15 Games 30 bets 23-6-1
All from Z code
If im wrong feel free to correct me

02:03 PM

Erwin says:
hello, i got some small wins yesterday.
Diamondbacks after 5 innings loss
Orioles +1.5 win
Tampa Bay ML win
Tampa Bay -1.5 win
Toronto ML win

I made some small wins this week, but next week i will make a higher investment an so i can
enlarge my wins!! thanks zcode, its a great chance for us!!

05:06 PM

Rodney says:
I love sports and I desire financial independence. ZCode seems to have a dedicated team with a proven track record. So rather than jumping from program-to-program, I'll stick with ZCode. In the long run, the wealth of knowledge I shall learn, no one can take this from me and therefore, less dependency on a job. The money will follow with the right attitude and hard work.

05:30 PM

Princess Dominice says:
another winning day in soccer +1.65u record for may: 17-3-7 wpl + 9.925u // + 992,50€

06:02 PM

Anthony says:
hi everybody I just want to tell you guys the sistem work I been around sport betting for a long time and this is the first time I see some really I recommend just to play the the recommended play on the team that zcode say and don't worry too much. About the fantasy play like after the 5 inning bla bla and just play the sistem bet. Like. Today Baltimore. Just bet the game alone stuff like that In the long run. It will make you money this guys know what they doing trust me

06:06 PM

James says:
see zcode said 71% on baltimore, that's a huge percentage, other games usually 53-53% but 71% is a big deal and they won big time!! of course zcode does not win every game and struggled some time in april but it's proven, i strudied their trends back to 2006, every game they had is there!

06:32 PM

Anthony says:
Thank james. all you need to make money in sport betting is 53% of all you play and hit 60% of all you play and you be a very rich guy or girl just follow the Sistem. And don't bet crazy. Bet same amount of money in every play there no bet out there that you can put all you money all you need is 55% or 60%. Of all you games and can make a good just think about it with the sistem you easy can make 1 or 2 unit per day think about that in a week. The only diferent is the size of the bet that lot of new people get kill cuz they want money fast and they don't have enough money to really make a big gain on the unit. Like yesterday the sistem went 15-5-1. That is just crazy. Trust me think about if you betting $1,000 dolars in every game like That is plus $9,000 dolars in a day But it don't matter the point here is stay plus in the long run.

04:36 AM

Rodney says:

Think long term and always look at the bigger picture.

05:57 AM

Erwin says:
ok my friends, i made small bets in the last 10days. but from tomorrow on, i can get higher wins too.
i will invest a higher amount to my bookie and than lets rock.
zcode is so great, i look forward very happy!!
move on and lets get a better life with zcode
its a very likely long term investment which lets us all have great days in our life!

07:11 AM

Marko says:
Great day I went 7-2,lost Blues and Texas!! Bankroll is growing lets move on :)

03:14 PM

Erwin says:
haha Stamos, i am fully in now!! i invested enough money now to get a nice longterm income here!! i love everybody who helps us with his picks to get our own strategie!! it was great luck for me to come here! lets rock the worl of betting!! ;-)

06:30 AM

Jakob says:
zcode hot trends are 5-1 in May , my 3 friends are following it with me. i'm a living proof to that :)

08:27 AM

Scot says:
@Tom, good advise!! The hardest thing to do is not bet with your heart, I have learned that, go with a system that can make your money back and is long term!! There are several systems here in the community, go with them!! Also Awesome Day yesterday!!

09:03 AM

Erwin says:
nice win this night. i was 8-3 and had my first higher win!! thanks so much!!! lets go on and rock
the betting market!! ;-)

01:01 AM

Jonny says:
WAS u7 W
STL u9.5 W

Great night! Lots of wins from my own plays and plays from other Zcode experts!

12:04 AM

Mark says:
Double Header "System" bet
Game one, Rangers ML 10 units L
Game Two, Rangers ML 15 units W

Yankees ML 1 unit W (practically a no bet I went so big today)
Indians ML 1 unit W (hooray Delta trend)
Jays ML 12 units W
Tigers 13 units ... up 10 runs right now... looking good.

Undefeated today except for the Rangers Game One system. Great day!

12:13 AM

Jonny says:
Went big on Toronto (the only game I took) and won big!!
TOR -1 W
TOR -1.5 W
Fun bet: TOR -2.5 W

02:52 AM

Princess Dominice says:
And the Oscar goes to the one and only brilliant MLB Delta Trend!!!

02:52 AM

Danilo says:
Perfect day - baseball 3-0 and tennis 2-0.
Baseball - great call from ZCode delta and ZCode's experts on Indians, Jays and Rangers (miss the 1st).
Tennis - I love bookies at live tennis. I took the bets when both Serena and Roger were trailing by 0-1 in sets and their odds were 2.50 and 3.00.
So 6.40 units up for the best day in May so far. Woooohoooo!
Thanks also to Ming who put (anti)curse on my PODs.

03:08 AM

Michal says:
well... what can i say? POD's 3:0, cash bets 4:0 and 3 units up

05:20 AM

Mudrac says:
Perfect 2-0 for last night on MLB!

1.Minnesota T vs Toronto BJ under 9.0 at 1.65 won
2.Oakland A vs Detroit T over 6.5 at 1.70 won

I have good day,but what Zcode do in May is awesome!!! Alpha and Delta Trend are 6-1 this month! Lets continue with winnings!!! Regards from Mudrac!

05:35 AM

Yasen says:
Awesome night for me too:

Blue Jays ML win
Indians +1.5 win
Nationals ML win
Rangers 2 game win

Zcode is amazing! :)

06:19 AM

Ivan says:
Hello guys, i am a newbie - Ivan - nice to meet you all :) I have been following for a couple a days now. Yesterday i took my first bets and i won..hope to keep it going :) i am just getting familiar with baseball and will need all the help i can get.

Yesterday :

Toronto Won
Cleveland - 1,5 Won
Clevland ML Won


06:19 AM

Bogdan says:
Indeed mates, a great day it was for us. I've played the Delta on Indians and Toronto Bue jays and the trey's doubleheader....I'm up 5 units

06:20 AM

Bryson says:
Wow! I have been having the worst luck lately..but tonight I made all of the losses back plus a little extra. Between my picks and zcode picks I went 7-0 for a gain of 18 units! Wish I could just do that every night!

06:21 AM

Mark says:
Hey guys, awesome day. As a newbie had first bet today for a win. As I am from Australia I have no in depth knowledge of your sports BUT what I have learnt is to stay true and trust the Z Code system. It is that easy. If I had some advice for other newbies, take your time, dont just read the guide, read it till you understand it. Maybe from an administration veiwpoint it may be worth setting up a blog page in the forum section for newbies to ask their questions. I have noticed that as each newbie comes on board the same questions are being asked. This only clogs up the comments section. My another advice is to take the time to read EVERYTHING on this site as it gives great incite as to the philosphy of what this system is setting out to achieve. You will not get rich overnight, it is a systematic approach to investing. Again well done and continue the great work. Cheers.

06:27 AM

Robert_ttv says:
7-0-1 over last two days with new trend I'm testing...



06:37 AM

Peter says:
Like everyone = great day.
Tex W
Was W
Clev +1.5 W
Cle W
Tor W
Det W
Det > 7 W
Grand Salami >59 W
Denver ML W (Thanks Trey and Elite)

12:36 PM

Mick says:
Like many newbies, my bankroll went down as I was taking too many bets. The last couple of days I have been more selective and have started winning. For example, I no longer take any Elite Club or Anti Elite club bets until I gain more experience, and I no longer bet on every 4 and 5 star pick (underdog, favorite, over/under).

ZCode - 4 Wins and 1 Loss (Pirates +1.5)
Trey's NBA Picks - 2 Wins and 1 Loss
System Plays - Blue Jays - Win. Placed the A bet on Rangers and then forgot to check the results and didn't place the B bet!

BTW I don't even like baseball or basketball...but I do like winning!

03:49 PM

Jess says:
what i love about zcode is I am not left alone with my bets, i see real people discussing real games, having wins and losses, everything is very realistic. i was so tired of scams that hide a losing day and only post wins.. i love i can go back on calendar too, i read so much. will stay with you till the rest of the season.

11:04 AM

Timothy says:
cleaned up with alpha and a bet on the Giants ML yesterday! Thanks z code and to all who contribute on this site! You guys are awesome :-)

10:42 AM

Scot says:
5-1 Today, what a great week!! If I would have had any juloes i woulda waged 100 on this parlay instead of 25.00!!
[#118701962] PARLAY (3 TEAMS) RR (1P-3T) (Risking: 25.00 - To Win: 157.05) WIN
05/18/2012 - 04:15 PM MLB [957] BAL ORIOLES -102( ACTION )
05/18/2012 - 04:15 PM MLB [963] MIA MARLINS +105( ACTION )
05/18/2012 - 05:20 PM MLB [973] ARI D'BACKS -126( ACTION )

10:56 AM

Christopher says:
Hi I am new to the system and love all the information that is posted. I have been keeping it simple and following Trey, Mudrac and the ASC. I also enjoy reading the information on all the games. Thanks everyone for the information.


11:26 AM

Mick says:
I've only been here for just over 3 weeks and I'm amazed at the awesome changes to the membership area. There is so much community spirit, advice, and help available.

I have been following Trey's system plays (great job Trey) and then Stanley comes along with his own system plays (fantastic job so far.) Then Jonathan announces his incredible new analytical system with great results yesterday.

It makes it hard for a newbie to stick to just the Alpha/Delta trends!!

03:02 PM

Perry says:
Hi folks. Figured I'd post something so I can win an Ipad. ;)

I haven't posted before and generally just lurk, but I thought I'd add my voice to those saying how impressive this site is, and how nice it is to see such a supportive group of people here. I've been doing very well following the hot trends, and I'm also watching some of the expert picks, just following along for now. Being new to sports betting, count me seriously impressed with it all. I won't be winning an Ipad, but the way things are looking, I'll be able to afford to buy one. ;)

Best of luck to everyone. Oh, and Go Thunder! :)

02:42 AM

Rob says:
Pretty good day on baseball and football up just under 18 units.

04:55 AM

Chris says:
Congrads to all of you o great day

04:55 AM

Mikko says:
Miami vs Indiana B bet ML indi win
Pitsburg vs Detroit B bet ML Pittsburgh win
Texas vs Houston B bet ML Houston win
Minnesota vs milwaukee ML Minnesota win
Dodgers vs cardinals ML dodgers -1,5 win

A bet Arizona game total Over 7.5 win
A bet braves +1.5 lost
A bet Mets game total over 7.5 lost
A bet boston game total over 6.5  win
Stanleys system

04:56 AM

Sveinur says:
thx to bouvedominic,trey and mudrac followed your picks an go 7 out of 8 right:) thx!!

05:00 AM

Marko says:
Great day again on MLB (followed Trey and Jonny),Jonny is o fire :)) keep it up man!!
Got Spurs in NBA and Chelsea-Bayern draw!! Only loss 1 unit Devils.
Up 15 units for a day ;) :)

12:13 PM

Mick says:
My best day since joining ZCode by far:)

ZCode 4 and 5 star picks with supporting expert game comments) 4 Wins and 1 Loss

Jonanthan 6 Wins and 1 Loss (Fantastic work and much appreciated)

Managed to get on all the 7:00PM games at Bet365 (In-Play) but it seems that 5Dimes do not have the option of In-Play games.

04:23 AM

Charlie says:
Won both Giants bets- ML, plus 1.5
Won Miami Marlins ML
Good day. Won my bets.

04:25 AM

Duane says:
Marlins -1.5, ML and Over WON
Dodgers +1.5, ML WON
Tex/Mariners Over WON
Tor/TB Over LOSS
KC Royals +1.5, ML WON

All in all, a very good day!

04:57 AM

Ivan says:
i only played the zcode trends and won both of them

Miami - won
Dodgers - won

04:57 AM

Kristof says:
Great day with Trey, Stanley and the Trends.

04:57 AM

Marcus says:
Just an amazing day!!! + 12units!! :)

04:57 AM

Christopher says:
All wins for me today.

Both Alpha Trend Bets Won
W on Over Lakers/Thunder

04:57 AM

Rodney says:
Was a very good Monday and start of a promising week. All I did was traded alpha and delta. Now, like the rest of us, we have to build from this and not lose our bankroll unnecessarily. Wise and careful picks and that's where my friends this forum and ZCode comes into play. Again, all the best!

04:57 AM

Ryan says:
great day in baseball for me too, thanks to Stanley, Trey, and Johnny and their systems

05:20 AM

Alexander says:
Good day for me:
1.Delta WON
2.Alpha WON
3. Scan Francisco Won

Lets look out for today ;)

05:28 AM

Kim says:
Really does it get any better ????? THX to all you experts sharing picks in this forum so many greate minds come together and greate things happens..

06:04 AM

Mikael says:
Sorry, I try again.
This community is awsome. YOU are so good!!!

07:59 AM

Bails says:
another winning day...thanks zcode with dodgers & boston..agree stamos dodgers are HOT!!

08:19 AM

Nuno says:
As my bankrool is small, before zcode i was afraid to make too many picks, because it was to risky.
But with this community, guess what? Yesterday, following the zcode / experts, i made my highest bet ever and i WON!!!!!!!
I'm so happy!!!!

Thanks to all that help us...

08:19 AM

Erwin says:
oh boys, yesterday was a great night for me ;-)
rangers-devils over 4,5 won
giants ML won
nats ML won
royals +1,5 won
dodgers +1,5 won
dodgers ML won
marlins ML won
braves ML loss

7-1, very nice profit!

thanks to mudrac, stamos and zcode

04:05 AM

Mike says:
16-4 tonight!! Following Anti Club, and Trey and Mr Score progressions. Did anyone catch the Dodgers? They were getting their asses handed to them, but then turned it around and won the game by the skin on their teeths.

04:06 AM

Mikko says:
What a perfect WINNING morning from finland!
This is great guys!! We just keep winning.
Trey and stanley is making us profit day by day :() :()
Zcode trends are winning too !
Lets see is the dodgers still up to it...

04:18 AM

Tim says:

04:18 AM

Bojan says:
WooHoo Another perfect day 5-0, TOR-TB over, Marlins, LAD o boy what a comeback , LA Kings for the finals and over 5

04:18 AM

Bart says:
Great day for me, thanks to Jonathan, Trey, Bouvedominic and Stamos. You guys are real experts, I really appreciate all of your hard work and effort.
6W 2L 1P!
A Pan Michał to z Polski?

04:20 AM

Stan says:
I placed my first bet on May 9th. So far, 22 wins and 9 losses. My account is up 24% in the 14 days I have been betting. Try getting that interest rate at your bank. I see no reason, at this point in my learning curve, that this trend will not continue and should only get better. Thanks for the support from the z code team.

04:20 AM

Tim says:

04:27 AM

Mikko says:
22.5.12 ( Stanleys bets)

B Tampa ML  win
B Rangers ML  win
A Yankes under highest 10.5  win
A mets +1.5 win
A mets over 6 lose 
A giants +1.5  win

Miami vs Colorado -1.5  Lose ML Miami win
Dodgers ML Win + 1.5 Win

Treys B bet braves +1,5 win

04:27 AM

Alexander says:
Alpha WON
Delta WON
Parlay LOST (one wrong)
TODAY again!
Experts pls post your opinions!
I really like it when Stamos give his guarantee :D:D

05:13 AM

Chen says:
Great day!! close games on Dodgers and Kings but Zcode and Trey's system eventually won!

06:14 AM

Valentim says:
Another good day
15 W
3 Push
6 loss ( 3 go to b bet )

01:52 PM

Erwin says:
@ sveinur, i started on 1st mai! but i lost the first 3 days nearly 200euros, because i didnt follow zcode and the specialists. now i do and it dont really work, no it explodes!!! in 19 days i made nearly 2000euros out of 200euros!! thats it. and i am really selective. only sometimes more than 8 matches. normally 4-8 matches, that works!! but i think, i am still sometimes too risky!! i follow the specialists like mudrac, jonathan, mark, stanley and at least naturally "the great stamos". that works. no own way but your own strategy! look for the picks of "the best" and take the bets that you believe to be the best!!! not following blindly, but following and learning!

04:30 AM

Robert says:
My 2nd time up at the plate. Very good night.
W Gia/Mar Over 7
W Nats ML
W Orioles -1
W Orioles ML
W Brew/Dbacks Under 9.5
W Angels/Mariners Over 7
L Reds -1
L Reds ML
Up 8 Units. Thanks for the advice & help everyone!

04:42 AM

Sanin says:
event date event bet odds outcome
26.05.12 03:05 Baltimore - Kansas City 1T Handicap(-1.5) 2.45 8:2 (1:0,0:0,0:0,0:0,5:0,0:0,2:0,0:2,0:0)
26.05.12 03:10 Cincinnati - Colorado 2 2.45 3:6 (0:0,0:2,0:0,3:1,0:2,0:0,0:0,0:0,0:1)
26.05.12 04:10 Minnesota - Detroit 2T Handicap(-1.5) 2.15 6:10 (2:0,0:4,0:0,1:2,0:1,2:0,1:3,0:0,0:0)

how about my pick ? :D

and parlay with this picks with odd 12.95

05:32 AM

Mudrac says:
Another fantastic day on MLB! Another winning day, 3-0 last night for another profit in a row:

1.Miami M vs San Francisco G over 6.5 at 1.72 won
2.Oakland A vs NYY over 7.0 at 1.77 won
3.Washington N +1.5 RL at 1.70 won

On POD Mudrac went 2-0: Colorado ML and Washington ML!!! Good night indeed!! Lets continue with this trend! Regards for Mudrac!!!

P.S. Devils went to the Final,I know what that mean for my friend Mark! Enjoy Donatiello,you deserved that!!Congrats for big success!!!

05:43 AM

Stanley says:
we are burning hot! trey won 2 of 3. we won hundreds of bets lol:

B bet Miami Marlins WON
A Colorado Rockies Over 7 WON
A New York Mets Over 6 WON
A Miami Marlins Over 6 WON
A Nationals Over 6 WON
A Washington Nationals +1.5 WON
A Texas Rangers. WON
A Texas Rangers Over 8. WON
A Chicago White Sox 7.5 WON

C Houston Astros Over 6
C Seattle Mariners+1.5
B Los Angeles Dodgers

04:06 AM

Dmitry says:
3-1 on trends. Closed one Trey's and two Stanley's systems. Great day!

04:06 AM

Rodney says:
Anyways, ZCode continues to impress. Also, Mike and Stamos generous insights on game totals help build my bankroll. Thank you guys. Looking forward when ZCode provides the tools to enable us members to wager on totals. Now, there are some sweep situations so let's exercise caution today. All the best!

05:00 AM

Duane says:
Outstanding day! Won on Nats, Mets, Reds, Pirates. Pitt/Chi Under. Lost on Astros. Hope today is as good but have to be careful about sweep situations.

08:35 AM

Ian says:
zcode system and expert input is brilliant! Making some consistant returns on investment.

08:43 AM

Marko says:
Oooooohh man Marko is burning hot in his 1st betting season in MLB :))
3-0 last night on PODs!
Money is coming faster then I can spend it,hahahahahahahahaha..........

04:07 AM

Ashgar says:
Today is going to be a great day the sun is shining and I have had my best day using Zcode! Absolutely awesome! :-) Up 13 units following alpha/delta trends and 3 out of the 4 horses I placed a wager on came 1st would have been 4 out of 5 but I missed 1.

04:08 AM

Stamos says:
Very good day. 4-0 zcode trends. Every bet went right

04:08 AM

Huang says:
Wow my yesterday bet 11-0
MLB Alpha Trend
Washington Nationals ML Won
Washington Nationals +1.5 Won
New York Mets -1 Won
New York Mets ML Won
Cincinnati Reds -1 Won
Cincinnati Reds ML Won
Texas Rangers -1 Won
Texas Rangers ML Won

San Antonio Spurs ML Won

Albania (n) +0.25 Won
Cartagena/Villarreal B Over 2.5 Won

04:37 AM

Duane says:
Good day! Limited my bets to 2 games. Mets ML & -1.5; LA Dodgers ML & -1.5. Got both. Had some leans but didnt want to pull the trigger on possible sweeps. For the most part, my leans were correct but I am happy with what I got. Look forward to tomorrow!

04:37 AM

Mikko says:
Nats ML  +1,5 win
Dodgers ML win
Indians ML lost
Miami  +1,5 win
Mets ML  -1,5 win
Reds ML -1,5  win

05:15 AM

Valentim says:
great day for me too
4 trends of ZCODE
cleveland--chicago over 8,5 win
mariners over 5,5 win
S. ant. spurs ml win
S. ant. spyrs -4,5 loss
Philad.- s.t.l. over 6,5 win
Baltimore loss

06:10 AM

Jens says:
Well guys what a winning :
Reds Winn
Mets Winn
Marlins Plus 1.5 Winn
Pittsburgh Winn
Tampa Plus 1.5 Winn
CWS Winn
CWS Over Winn
Nats Winn
Texas Winn
Cardinals Over Winn
and at last
Kansas Winn argh my bet was on Baltimore.
But going 10-1 !!!

07:19 AM

Bails says:
z code for ever!1washington awesome them when atlanta were 1 zip so odds were incredible!

10:15 AM

Bojan says:
7 picks, 5won, 2 lost. Streak is running ;)

12:36 PM

Mick says:
Great day too on MLB. ZCode is rocking!

Won - 8
Lost - 1 (Baltimore B Bet on miniseries)

I'm now in profit for the month after making many mistakes the first half of the month.

06:46 PM

GoalGalore says:
i'm new to this, joined few days ago and spent whole night reading forums, could not stop. so much value and you seem like a nice banch of people, i already making plans what to follow, reading experts!! very excited!!

06:52 PM

Suvarnam says:
I did not 't know much about sports, I was a stock trader.. I assigned each team as a stock. or currency. and I monitor them like stock. Hope it helps. Helped me a lot to start winning on sport where I don't even know the rules!

09:55 AM

Scot says:
9-1 Last three days with one push!! Follow a system guys, its better not to guess who is going to win and and try to make up your money all the time!! It would be better than that but im a little more less aggressive than Mr Score!!

10:06 AM

Ryan says:
WOO Jays, fun game to be at yesterday. Won my B bet on them. Trey and Stanley systems also helped like always. A +20 unit day

04:52 AM

Kim says:
This is to good to be true, and i mean that in everyway! I fear the day Zcode and this community issent here anymore. But for now ill embrace every day :-)

04:08 AM

Marcus says:
This is quite funny to be this high in the POD. I have never seen a live baseball game, not even in the telly.(live far north in Finland) The only reason why i can fight with the dinosaurs is zcode and all of you guys. This is a amazing place to be, and love it!!! Just want to say that with this system and the famous Stamos patience we can, and we will all win! :)

04:30 AM

Erwin says:
good night for me. small winnings, but winnings!! small winnings every month bring us good winnings in a year!! better than investing with bankers! hahaha

06:42 AM

Alexander says:
Won my 2 B bets // Won zcode // won 1 of 2 Stamos picks ;) awesome!!!!

05:01 AM

Rosanne says:
I am new to Z-code only having been here a couple of months - and I must say
Stamos is King - about 5 weeks ago he mentioned in this chat that the LA Kings were a good
future bet @ $7.50 and I LISTENED and put my money down - and after all this time and patience
they won for me - thank you Stamos. I don't post unless I feel something is really important and
this is - thankyou again and it proves that people listen when you speak!!

03:49 AM

Rodney says:
Glad that SF Giants and ZCode lived up to expectation and won. Won on Over Colorado vs Detroit, as well as, CWS vs LAD. Let's keep rolling!

03:51 AM

Danilo says:
What a great night it was:

Alpa delivered - thanks to Trey I played -1 and -2.5 for nice profit!
Stamos and his Rays won! Stamos happy, me too! 11-0!!!!!!!!
Jonathan and Mark were responsible for another great call Dodgers and Over on that game!!!
Mudrac is a finisher. He closed up one of my best June's basebal nights!


04:50 AM

Adams says:
great day for me too. won giants, rangers -2.5 thanks to zcode, won stamos , lost tigers ml but won a crazy over!!! hehe

05:12 AM

GoalGalore says:
Unreal!! I won cubs big!
Rangers -1 WIN
Rangers ML Win
Giants WIN (Zcode gave crazy 89% so I went big)
TAMPA - hey stamos, 11-0!!!!! what a win. also went big!
Tigers ML - Loss. what a blow!

+$316 for me

12:46 PM

Rodney says:
Well, what I am learning from this POD tournament is that it is possible to earn decent and consistent profits long term from sports wagering, it can be done right from the comfort of your workstation. Anyways, congratulations to all participants, organizers, winners and everyone who benefited from this project. Certainly look forward to the one preceding this. Great job.

03:27 AM

Stuart says:
Only been following Z Code for a few weeks but loving it. Just want to say thanks to all the experts, you guys are brilliant!

Had a good night after a tough couple of days. Wins on Rangers ML & -1.5, Mets ML, Cardinals ML, Jays ML, and Tigers/Pirates u8.5.

Couple of losses on Reds and Joao's other 2 U/O A bets, but up over 6 units overall so great night! Lets hope for more of the same!

03:48 AM

Desder says:
had a very good day again after a rough interleague couple of days. Big thanks to Jonny, Mark and Mudrac for their pick commentary and insights! Jonny the idea to list 3 day pitchers and analyze them is simply the best!!!

05:22 AM

GoalGalore says:
Unreal win on Toronto for me!! I was in doubt!! but I won strong!! Thanks to the experts here!! Much appreciated win!!

02:54 AM

Huang says:
@Duane, yea 3-0. won my mariners ML, -1 and Reds ML.

03:55 AM

Oracul says:
Great day for me! +$2600 profit. 14 Wins 8 losses, 3-0 on PODs!! Simply the best!

03:18 AM

Barend says:
Great Weekend for me !! Friday close 4 on A bet of 6 games, Saturday close 3 on A bet and 2 on B bet of 6 games and Sunday close the last b bet.

03:33 AM

Ming says:
Interlegue was not bad to me too! I won ALL systems from Jonny, then ALL systems from Trey, then ALL systems from Joao and nearly every day on anticlub!!! Very nice. I learned consistency is more profitable than my stupid bets I was doing before.. Jonny, my hero!!!!

03:50 AM

GoalGalore says:
unreall win for me!! I missed all the early games as usual lol but went twice as big on late games: Diamondbigs and Rangers ML and -1.5 from zcode. WON BOTH!!

06:28 AM

Bills says:
Hi there guys. Just joined couple of days ago and must say have been extremely impressed so far. Don't think I ever learned as much in such a short time at school.

Just wanted to point out that for anyone playing the X-code Revenge system from the bonus section then I THINK the Texas Rangers have a signal today. Could be wrong though.

03:58 AM

Rodney says:
Another wonderful day and I trust that everyone also had a great day. Took LAA and Washington again and won. Thanks ZCode and everyone.

04:00 AM

Marcus says:
Great day for team Marko 6W, 2L, 1P... Keep up the good work guys! :)

05:43 AM

Rolando says:
all right! i won much too yesterday! thanks MpKasto, stamos and other experts. Jonny was amazing! Mark rocked!

07:13 AM

Bails says:
good day again thanks Zcode....washington was my special and they delivered big also good 2 from 2...lets go again and am now on washington for 3rd day straight...progression bet!

09:46 AM

Mikki says:
I went 5-1,not bad

05:34 AM

Franky_boy says:
It's a real blessing to have 2 constantly profitable systems such are Trey's and Joao's! And if you add wise and selective picks from Stamos you can not go wrong. There is only one word that describes every day situation: profit, profit and once more profit! You guys are the best!

08:10 AM

K says:
Great day yesterday. Thanks to Joao, Trey and Stamos.You guys sure seem to know what your doing. Thanks a million. :)

09:25 AM

Barend says:
Great day for me.... Won Rangers,Nationals,Red Sox and U 11,5 on Rangers. Giants go to B bet today.
4 wins for me.

12:12 PM

Stan says:
I should have mentioned in my earlier recap... Thanks again experts, helping us get the hang of putting it all together. Z code is a great tool and seeing how the experts put it to use is where the real value of this subscription lies. Very impressive.

04:44 AM

Stuart says:
Great day for me, although I was a little risky and rode my luck at bit.

Started badly with Royals loss but thanks to Trey's great advice I dropped the chase and in a risky move put those B bet funds on Mets (Stamos Guaranteed!!), and paid off big time!

Also had big wins on Giants +1.5 B bet and Cubs, with a small loss on Angels that goes to B bet today.

Thanks to all the experts for the top advice!

11:50 AM

Collin says:
Alright I will watch that and that is the plan! Right now I am about to go to college and found this and was amazed because I love sports and making money from it is even better. I would pay for this site even if I wasn't using it to bet. And hey maybe this could be a possible job some day!

02:02 AM

Duane says:
All 3 POD's came in. Pirates -1.5, Blue Jays Over 9.5, and Reds -1. I finally nailed 3 out of 3. Team Fire is on Fire!!!

03:01 AM

Bails says:
lost on the Oze,won NYY +line and kansas,minisota and the big one Pittsburgh...they look the real deal!and playing like it!hey your yankees on the + line so all good..

04:02 AM

Jens says:
Think I went 3-0 on pods.
Wonn Cards and Pittsburgh -1.5 And S.D.Padres under.
Followed Joao too on Cards over and Yankees under.
Overall good profit again.!!!

04:02 AM

Collin says:
Off to a great start here. First 2 days I went up $300 and a total record of 10-5. Can't beat that! Hope you all are doing well too!

Have a good day everyone!

04:05 AM

Stuart says:
Amazing day for me! Won nearly all my bets, including some fun long shots.

NYY +1.5 W
PIT -1 W
ATL ML, -1 L - go to B bet
DET ML, -1 L - go to B bet
STL -1.5 W
KC +1.5 W
MIN +1.5 W
Col/Stl Over W
NYY/TB Under W
PIT -3.5 W - nice
PIT -4.5 W - very nice
PIT -5.5 W - awesome!

Total +18 units for the day!

Thanks to all the contributors yesterday, we have a wealth of knowledge here! Lets hope for a great day today!

04:09 AM

P Andrew says:
dats pretty ratshit mark,dont worry you'll bounce back 2morrow 4 sure,u always in profit more often than not.i had absolutely brilliant day,just followed treys system,mudrac(brilliant!!!!!went 4-0-1),stamos-2-0,and also small stakes on shannons(kitbash)reverse line picks-3-1(2 of them underdogs)yay!!!thanks guys,youre all awesome,up about 6 units thanks alot

04:10 AM

Serge says:
very good , pirates make my week...thanks to z-code...92% like a rock...

04:19 AM

Ryan says:
Good day for me

Twins ml win
Pirates ml win
Cubs ml win
Rays ml win
Brewers ml win
Angels ml win

Only lost on Tigers(but only 0.5 unit) and Jays(1 unit)
Also hit Joao's over/under picks on A bet.
Thanks to Joao and Trey for their systems. I've been really selective last few weeks and thanks to their help making some good profit.

04:49 AM

Joao says:
Good Morning!

Great day for me and my systems:

O/U% System - more 2 A bet wins!

O/U ERA system - 5 wins and 1 loss with a P&L of +3.7 units

04:49 AM

Jakob says:
I had a wonderful win yesterday. 92% from zcode does not happen often so i went big on pirates and there was no line reversals and there was a FANTASTIC destruction as expected!

02:15 AM

Michal says:
hohoho! next great night for me, i went 7-2-1 with 4 units up! It was so lucky for me, i took 2 of 3 ASC picks from Alberto except Pirates :). I lost only Reds and Cards, but who cares with so great profit!!!

04:33 AM

Duane says:
Got 2 out of 3 POD's. Pirates only won by 1 and I had 1.5 so lost that one. But cashed in on Mets and Nats. Also had a small fun bet on Marlins/Brewers Over. What a slugfest that was!

04:45 AM

Alberto says:
Last three days 7-3! Great for ANTICLUB! This is the way Anticlub always bounce back....Logical results are not comming everyday so thats why Anticlub is still in good pofits!
Later I will share to you the chart....

04:53 AM

Ryan says:
PIT won though?

I had a great night +27 units, only missed yankees (1 unit)
Line reversal against the Reds made me switch over to Dodgers and won big
Line reversal against Tigers, so bet on Twins and won

04:55 AM

P Andrew says:
anotha fantastic day with z code!!!!thanks trey,stamos,mudrac,jonny etc. etc. brilliant!!!!!won +6 units,bankroll getting fatter and fatter by the day.its absurd how easy it is 2 profit with this great group of people and all their advice.i think its a massive advantage for me being so ignorant of the game of baseball,never watched it,because my own feelings and opinion cant affect or poison my view of who 2 bet on.just follow trusted experts on here and in forum blindly and know they will do their best 2 see me right.once again,much gratitude 2 all u good people and all your valuable contributions

05:03 AM

Nalle says:
Great day! Won with Joao as usual, Trey made the right call on Detroit and the other system plays won. Thank you guys

05:31 AM

Barend says:
Great night for me also..... I went 4-1. Won with Pirates,Mets and Brave and then on Over between Mets and Phillies. Yankees didn't make it and have to go to B bet.

05:31 AM

David says:
The line reversal updates by Trey are awesome. Great info. On behalf of myself (& probably the entire Z Code community, THANK YOU!

06:13 AM

Mudrac says:

Another good day on MLB, 4 wins and 1 lost, + 3.37 unit...


1. San Diego ML at 2.42 W
2. LA Dodgers vs Cincinnati under 7 at 1.80 W
3. Seattle vs Baltimore under 7 at 1.77 L



1.Atlanta Braves -1 at 1.90 W
2.Chicago White Sox -1 at 2.25 W score 19-2!!!


Keep winning guys! Regards from Mudrac!!!

04:50 PM

Tan says:
awesome Pirate.... well done job for Pittsburgh on July 4th. Won Pit ML, -1.5 and over 8.5. thanks to Zcode for alpha trend and Trey.

07:06 PM

P Andrew says:
hahaha,i love pittsburgh so much i wanna move there!!!!.......and i live in new zealand!!thanks again,TREY,anotha win,u are a truly awesome man!!STANLEY,u really shud post your system for totals,the more the merrier,as long as it has statistics on its side,people can follow at their own risk.its not about whos system is best,the more choice of potentially profitable systems,the better for evry1 on here.i personally like 2 follow quite a few that r proven,thereby limiting my risk factor-if one fails,anotha will pick up the slack,its hard 2 lose with so much knowledge and options here

08:08 AM

Ashgar says:
Good day for me yesterday.

ZCode Alpha
Pittsburgh ML WIN
Pittsburgh -1 WIN

Joao ERA System
NY Yankees @ Tampa Bay U8.0 - WIN
Boston @ Oakland U8.0 - WIN
LA Angels @ Cleveland O9.5 - WIN
Kansas City @ Toronto O9.5 - LOSS
Texas @ Chicago WS O10.0 - LOSS
Cincinnati @ Arizona U7.0 - WIN
Colorado @ St. Louis U9.0 - WIN I bet on under by mistake and it came through.

Trey's ABC System
Pittsburgh WIN

1. Washington vs SF Giants under 8 didn't manage to place but it was a loss. Thank God I didn't place it.
2. LA Dodgers ML WIN
3. Oakland ML WIN
4. Miami Marlins -1.5 LOSS (Would have been a push but bet 365 didn't offer -1)
5. Detroit -1.5 WIN

After losing money in June I decided to have a separate bookmakers account for different systems/experts and it is now paying off!! Got the feeling that July is gonna be a good month!!
Oh yeah and a big thank you to all the Zcode Team for coming up with a piece of kick-ass software and to all the experts who share their thoughts with everyone, you guys are the BOMB!!

08:28 AM

Thomas says:
Clean 3-0 day thanks to this community!!!

12:22 PM

Susan says:
What do you guys think of zcodes Arb generator? Has anyone tried it or have expereince with it?
Thanks for your opinions. You guys are so positive and warm and friendly that I so look forward to reading the comments every day. Makes the sun shine every day for me!

03:54 AM

Jakob says:
Zcode trends : 2-0
stamos : 2-0
Joao 3-1 (i followed some late games only)
anticlub 0-2
line reverse tests 4-1

+6 units for the night. cant complain!

07:22 AM

Dainius says:

3.5 units up in a night.

Only following O/U% & ERA

Thank you Joao. This time I have applied my own intuition filter and have been very selective :) It works 100%. I agry with all you guys, I had a losing week when I have just joined the Zcode. Been a bit overexcited and did not even spent enough time to read through all the do's and don't's. Jumping from system to system does not help at all. Even though I had an amazing winning night trying only oscillators - 10-1 , but it was probably a one off :) Another law I have bumped into was simply a law of 'NEVER GAMBLE' or play with your fortune. I lost all my bankroll in one night just by making live in-bets :/

So yeah guys, be selective and conservative, as it always brings the result you desire !

That's a wisdom for today :)

Cheers everyone!

07:45 AM

M says:
Nice day again for Stamos and followers!
I follow only Stamos picks last week. Instead of betting 10 bet each day using 15 units or more I use the same amount of units on betting only 1 or two picks depending on Stamos selection. So this way I can bet with 20% or more of the bancroll, because I would use that bancroll for 10 or so picks a day. I am not even talking about system play, because on B or C bet I would use even more units.
A bad thing could be that my risk is only on one game instead of having many.
I doubled my bancroll during the last week and it is scary a bit. Please share your opinions about my strategy.

08:27 AM

Nediak says:
I follow Stamos too. Now he is on FIRE!!! But he has bad days too, so I bet 2 units on each Stamos pick.

Also I follow:

- Alpha and Delta trends with 1 unit bets (splitting 0,75 unit and 0,25 unit depending on trend);
- Trey's system plays with 1-4-10 progression (a little bit risky, than 1-3-6) starting from 1 unit bet on
average system;
- Anticlub picks with 1 unit bets.

Working in such way, I use my bankroll in full and don't have big drawdowns.

10:43 AM

James says:
I think safer to drop bets on B like trey is usually doing :) Anyways Joao + Trey + Anticlub = bookie killer machine so far.. finally i have 3 days to relax and request withdrawal... thanks everyone

02:56 AM

Bails says:
great night 2:1,3-0 mlb...thats what i call a nice welcome back ..zcode with a great pick on oakland & cws..beautiful!!

03:03 AM

Victor says:
Hi everyone My name is Victor Perez and I'm from Somerville, MA. Today was my debut at Zcodesystem and I'm very happy to be part of the family. I went 3-1 winning with the Nationals, A's, Rangers and losing with the Devil Rays. Thanks and wish everyone a profitable MLB season.

03:05 AM

Jesus says:

04:04 AM

Stepans says:
Nice day yesterday, I went 5-1 !!!

04:11 AM

Rosanne says:
Jonathan - yesterday you said I believe "it is Friday the 13th" and so it was, who said it is all bad
Won on Rangers, Tigers, Nats, Dodgers, Athletics, Cards Under 8.5 (thankyou thankyou Mark) and
three out of 4 soccer picks (thankyou thankyou Dominice)

02:16 AM

Jimmy says:
SF ML --->Won +25 units
Minnesota ML---->Won +20 units

I hope you guys did make some good money!

02:16 AM

Rodney says:
Got even with the bookies thanks to the experts and ZCode.

Won 4
Loss 1

Washington ML over Mets
Milwaukee (+1.5) over St. Louis
Miami (+1.5) over Cubs
Pittsburgh ML over Colorado

Arizona ML against Cincinnati

The difference here was trying to think like the bookies and so beat them in their own game.

03:54 AM

Dainius says:
What a night :)

Trey, I've followed Vegas yesterday all the way through and still can not believe the outcome ! I'm Up 12 UNITS >>

I must admit that I took a little risk here and there following your commentary for confidence, but a double bet on LA OVER & KC OVER brought me 5.5 UNITS alone. SEA & MIA also came through smoothly !

I should have listened to my gut feeling and Stamos and taken NYY & CIN B bet, would have been even more profitable night.. I went against instead.. But you can't win all the money, right ?? :)

Thanks again Trey, and others for hard work gathering info and the most important sharing it with us, as I really have no time to do that myself .. I hope to get more involved soon, maybe not MLB, but NBA for sure as basketball is a main religion in Lithuania :)

Again folllowing BIG MONEY imo may be one of the most profitable tools if we can master it !

Keep up great work and good luck !

03:34 AM

Collin says:
Crazy stat, this weekend every team that one game one of the series ended up having a record of 11-4 on game two... Could mean something here or maybe just an accident. But what a weekend! I am assuming everyone pulled in some great profits! Thanks experts, since I joined here unstoppable!

08:55 AM

Barend says:
Great day for me!! Won big on Pirates. Also won on Reds and Diamondback. Lose small bet on Red sox. 3-1 for me . Thanks to all.

08:55 AM

Tan says:
won on Pitt followed Zcode trend,
@ Mark thanks for LAD and Bal,
@ Trey thanks for Cin and Ari,
Won on TOR, OAK with ML, +1.5 and Under base on public heavy bet on NYY . I won last 2 games on OAK with ML, +1.5 , and under

08:56 AM

Victor says:
I went 6-2 yesterday, Zcode is the place to find the best picks.

09:09 AM

Kon says:
Thanks so much guys it was a great day for me. Won on the Tigers and the over
Texsas and the over and giants and over and some parlays betwwen those overs and wins.Trey your pattern system worked perfectly for the day games yesterday.but lost on under games last night over all it was a positive day. Thanks again Trey I'll be following you more now on. Looking forward to have another positive day. Good luck to all

09:41 AM

GoalGalore says:
Thanks Kon!! unreall day for me yesterday too!
WON ALL early picks from Trey, then lost Padres and Cubs and won Oakland and Under THIRD TIME IN A ROW!! I still can't believe it's real! every day profit from vegas on this game. Will we have again Oakland today or better not get greedy and pass ?

04:00 AM

Huang says:
My POD yesterday's result:
Cincinnati Reds 1.730 ML $10 - Won $7.30

Total Won: $7.30

My underdog yesterday's trial pick Result:
Los Angeles Dodgers ML 2.440 $10 - Won $14.40
San Francisco Giants ML 2.360 $10 - Lost -$10
Atlanta Braves ML 2.230 $10 - Lost $10
Minnesota Twins ML 2.290 - Won $12.90
Baltimore Orioles ML 2.190 - Won $11.90

Total Won: $19.20

04:03 AM

Tan says:
what a great day for me ,
thanks to Zcode, Mark, Stamos, Trey, and Deyanhang: won Pitt, Cin Ari,LAD(+1.5) , Bal ML
Won on Oakland+1.5 and TOR +1.5
and parlay all these games with 4 team round robin, won alot of money with 0.5 cent paylay
lost on TEX parlay otherwise i will get more money but i won some money back on LAA before game started
Lost on TEX and SF, otherwise i won more money
@ Mark i did not follow your NYY
@ Trey Oak won again, i thought with CC , NYY should won the game but i did not have guts for that, i went Oak +1.5. i won all 4 games OAK +1.5

04:04 AM

Eric says:
Just a quick note, since I have started with zcode and using the trends and following the advice of the experts. I have a record of 11 wins and 4 losses. I just looked at my account and I could not believe what I looking at. 11 and 4, that is just amazing. I don't have as much profit as I should because I bet the games I lost with more money then I should have (darn Yankees). That being said, with better money management I will have better profits. Only one game I went against the zcode and that was the over under in the SF game Cain was pitching, but I'm a huge Giants fan, I saw it coming.

02:43 AM

Stuart says:
Woohoo! Another fantastic day for me!

Up nearly 3 units again with pitcher profit bets. Won 6 of 7 following Trey's system with only Pirates loss. Won fun bets on Nationals and Marlins (awesome result with Marlins as I had Braves +1.5 and Marlins ML and won both!).

In total up nearly 8 units!

02:44 AM

P Andrew says:
TREY,STAMOS,MARK,JENS,HUANG,thank u,thank u,thank u,thank u,brilliant day,won about 85% of all bets placed thanks 2 the most awesome crew around!!!!!!STAMOS how do u do it??so consistent youre like a tipping magician or wizard-and your magic dust is far too much for the bookies 2 combat.please never ever leave us.being a wizard,u shud live foreva???

04:03 AM

Ashgar says:
Excellent day!! Followed Trey, Mark and Joao. Placed 23 bets, won 17 and lost 6. Keep up the good work guys!! I'm lovin' it!!

09:23 AM

Langston says:
High Confidence: 2 Units Regular1 Unit Single Low Confidence
Nats...Win Pirates...Win O's...Loss
Giants...Win Yankees...Win
Reds...Win Braves...Loss
Angels -1.5...Win
D-Backs -1.5...Win

Up 9.5 Units from yesterday, thanks everyone for all the insight and help! looking forward to having another good one today. :)

05:31 AM

Suvarnam says:
4-1 day for me. Won LA, Tigers, Pirates and Yankees. only not win was D-backs but i saw that coming with their pure pitcher.

05:47 AM

Chris says:
Very good day for me on the end :) Only misread Marlins and Kansa City and the last was just a fun bet.
9-3 , with +5 units !

06:24 AM

Gavin Uk says:
I normally don't say much cuss being a newbie asking silly questions will only interfere with the flow. But another great day for me, so let me thank you all for the advice.
Stamos I,ve been with from my first day Fantastic, MudRAC, mark, Alberto, Trey What knowledge.
Again a GREAT thanks to everyone

08:27 AM

Ashgar says:
What can I say, an excellent night! Up by 19units. A big THANK YOU to Trey, Mark and Stamos (and I didn't jinx you :-) ) you guys are awesome!! Keep up the good work. Your insights into Baseball are superb and is much appreciated because I don't know anything about the sport but am learning quick so once again THANK YOU!!. Off to watch Olympic football (soccer) today. Good luck to everyone and have another good and profitable day.

05:20 AM

Mudrac says:
Mudrac delivered full package last night: 3 wins and 1 push for +2.58 unit:

1. St.Louis -1 at 1.84 W
2. NY Yankees -1 at 1.80 W
3. Pittsburgh -1 at 1.90 P
4. Cincinnati ML at 1.94 W

I hope you followed and thank you who followed another perfect night! Now System B is +15.68 unit in July! Lets continue in the same,winning style!!! Regards from Mudrac!!!

05:40 AM

Jens says:
Seems a good run:

Yankees Moneyline winn
Diamondback Moneyline winn
Toronto Moneyline winn
Reds Moneyline winn
Twins Moneyline winn
Mariners Moneyline winn
L.A.A. Moneyline winn
Pittsburgh Moneyline winn
L.A.A. Under 9 winn
Braves Over 6.5 winn
Diamondbacks -1 winn

Rangers Moneyline Lost
Pittsburgh -1 Push
Nats Moneyline Lost
Marlins Moneyline Lost ( fun bet small...)

GOING 11-3 hope someone followed on a winning day..............

05:48 AM

Abayomi says:
2wins -2loss today but still on profit wow
zcode is the genius
still looking forward to a all winning day and making a huge profit!!!

05:49 AM

Rodney says:
Hey everyone, have you all checked out the "piniciling" version by Danilo? I will spend some time today on it as it seems a tool to help us make some money here.

Last night was terrific: 4-0

STL Cardinals ML
NYY ML (YEAH NYY delivered in style)
Pirates ML

Took a chance with PIT as Friday can be a day of upsets, also @ some point, Houston will win a game eventually ... I know it may sound like a fairytale but yes, Astros will win a game someday lol :)

Anyways, on this memorable friday, logic prevailed in most parts.

05:51 AM

Stuart says:
Fantastic day for me, had to place bets really early yesterday and only just checked results now, and thankfully it went really well!!

Overall up a missive 10 units! Another great profit of nearly 6 units from profitable pitcher bets, and up 4 units on flat bets and progressions, with only Nats loss for me with possible B be on them today!

04:21 AM

Barend says:
Good Weekend so far. Friday got 3 won out of 4. Saturday got again 3 won out of 4. So for the weekend i got 6 won out of 8. Great stuff..... Let hit some more !!!

11:57 AM

Stan says:
4-1 yesterday, won Cards, Reds, Braves, and picked up Joao's B bet on LAA v TX under. Lost Nats. Nice profit, account is up 59% from initial deposit. Go Z Code!!!

03:28 AM

Moz says:
Great day!! Great weekend!! silly C bet on Brewers, I really need to stop going deep with shitty teams... especially away sides!! hope everyone found some joy!!
I ve been here 6 weeks now, started off with $200, now rolling in at $4800. and its because all of you!! Thanks everyone!! especially Mark!! and of cause my main man P!!
I realise how good Z code is, and all of you are at MLB, but i here z code trumps it even more with NFL and NHL, is this true?? if so, were in for a few good months with all sports running at same time: )

04:07 AM

Moz says:
im sure i wasnt the only one on here to have their best day ever with Z code. was very logical, and made plent of units. Rays were great to me over the weekend, but honestly, how good are the Angels?? not very, i say. O's were over the odds for every game in their series, and won 2/3... BEAUTIFUL!!
A lot of new series starting today... Good luck to all: )

04:08 AM

Stuart says:
Good day for me! Up 5.5 units overall with wins on Nats, As, Mariners, Yankees and a good win on one of Jonny's SPARTA recovery parlays (thanks Jonny)!
Only Giants loss and Reds only winning by 1 prevented a massive night, but good overall!
Lots to consider today, hope to keep the wins going!

03:49 AM

Stan says:
Won 2 A bets and one B bet from these series. Account is up to 153% profit from original deposit, about 38% of that was last week and this week... so far. I think I am done with these series and will wait for some better odds.

02:34 AM

Thomas says:
Just want to say thank you again to everyone here and especially Jonathan and Stamos! Account nearly up 100% since I followed Sparta. You guys rock and I do hope that in the future I will be able to make the same calls as you do.

Stamos for you I just want to say I cannot thank you enough and you know I send prayers and good vibes your way

03:04 AM

Sean says:
Nice work Yesterday Mark. Up almost 5 units on your advice.

03:05 AM

Stuart says:
Amazing night thanks to Jonny's SPARTA parlays!! Woohoo! Only fairly small unit sizes at this stage but massive winning day! Thank you so much Jonny, you rock!

04:16 AM

Peter K says:
What a great day!!! All thanks to Trey, Stamos and Jonny!!! You guys have put a big smile on my face!!! This community is the bomb!!

04:34 AM

Gergely says:
Awesome day!
I follow Mark, Trey and Stamos . And all your tips won yesterday, it was really 100%
Thanks a lot

04:50 AM

Nediak says:
As for me it was really-really great morning and really-really awful night for my bookie. Super logical day was yesterday, won all my bets, 18 units up:

Tampa ML, -1 RL, -1.5 RL - WON, WON, WON (thanks to Mark and Trey)
Athletics ML, -1 RL - WON, WON (thanks to Mark and Alpha trend, which wasn't indicated for this game, but I don't know why: everything told, that it must be Alpha trend and I played it as Alpha trend)
Mariners U7.5 - WON (thanks to Stamos)
Braves ML - WON (thanks to Mark)
Reds ML, +1.5 RL - WON, WON (thanks to Mark and Trey)
LAA ML - WON (thanks to Mark)
Rangers -1 RL - WON by a huge margin(thanks to Stamos)
Cardinals -1 RL, -1.5 RL - WON, WON (thanks to Trey and Alpha trend).

Alpha trend was on fire yesterday: 3-0.

Wednesday has once again confirmed its status as the logical day. Thanks Alberto for your day dependency research!

04:03 AM

Peter K says:
Very good day for me yesterday!! Up 60 units on parlay plays & Stamos' POD!!!

04:15 AM

Joao says:
Awesome day for me: 11-3

My O/U% System: 1-0
My picks (ABC ML, ML, -1.5): 2-1
Stamos: 1-0
Jens Soccer: 3-1
Mudrac O/U: 4-1

03:39 AM

Peter K says:
Another great day for us guys, thanks to Stamos,Trey and Jonny!! My bankroll in on steroids in the upward direction!! This community rocks!!!

01:46 PM

Stan says:
Gets better every day. 2 -0 wins... Giants and Rangers. Getting close to 200% profit.

04:10 PM

Daniel says:
Well, so far I am doing well in sports investing and it's thanks to Z code and all of the experts out there who contribute.... so I just want to say thanks to all of you guys. And I'm not saying this to kiss anyone's ass. I really mean it when I say it. I've ran into a lot of con men in the past and it's a relief to see something genuine out there. Always remember, when you empower others to be successful, you also empower yourself.

10:57 AM

Chen says:
@Marcus honored to join the same bracket with you!!
got lucky to this quarterfinals!! actually just started sportbetting 3 months ago after join Zcode. It's such a great community! have learned tons here and really glad knowing all you experts!!!

anyway, lucky or not, let's all get profit!!!!

@Jonny, yeah, the Sparta system really acts like Spartans..but it's gonna prevail!!!!

09:56 AM

Stepans says:
Nice way to finish August on the big WIN for me..

Reds-1 WON
Giants lost
Rangers WON
Rangers-1 WON
Oakland WON
Oakland-1 WON
Oakland -17 spread WON (just kidding on this one)
College Picks WON (thanks to
Trey picks (2-1 WON)
Joao 2-0 WON
Sparta WON
Stamos 1-1

+ 41 unit on the day! LIKE A BOSS!!!

10:00 AM

Desder says:
i followed yesterday everyone on PODs, assuming we have best of the best guys remaining and they will bounce . Guess what?

+900 usd made :)

07:08 AM

Marko says:
My Best MLB night this season,won all my bets+Trey's picks+Joao's under on NYY :))
12-0 can't do it better than this $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NFL here we come.............

11:17 AM

Ian says:
great day in MLB. Won 8 out of 9 bets. As a note from a newbie (to other newbies) who started in April, read the guide, be patient, read all posts, balance all opinions and data, invest conservatively while learning, stay within your budget and most of all, don't get greedy!

We had some interesting dialog on the WSH-MIA forum thread yesterday to which I can only recommend to these other nrwbies is to not get frustratred, ask questions and learn from the hugh pool of expertise here here. It will all click-in time. Just stay with it.

05:34 AM

Joao says:
Awesome day for me:
4-0 on MLB (both PHI games, LAA and OAK)
2-0 on NFL (4 team parlay and WAS ML)

06:13 AM

Jens says:
Great start on Nfl thanks to good friend Mark and other experts on input here in Denmark the football is a small sport but I watch the games and hit just like an expert 3-0 on Nfl and my soccer over 2.5 made me going 4-0 again ......

06:40 AM

Marko says:
Great wins this weekend,won with Robert,Trey,Jonny 1st day of Sparta 2.0 just Awesome.......
I played Ravens last night with spreads -4.5,-6,-7,-8.5 and -9.5 and they all Won for huge profit $$$$$.
Hope everyone had great last 3 days :)

08:12 AM

Tan says:
nice won yesterday for me
WIN : CIN, WAS, OAK +1.5, PHI, CWS, CWS-DET U10, BAL, SD +1.5

Thanks all experts

01:24 AM

Huang says:
Wow Trey, you won all the underdogs! I did not use +1.5, all place on ML. Giants and Rangers also won! total 6-0!!!

08:49 AM

Tan says:
Thanks all experts Trey, Jonathan and sparta 2.0 and Zcode line reversal
what is the great day for me
WON : PHI ML -1, BAL +1.5 ML , CIN, WAS+1.5 ML, TEX ML -1 -1.5, MIL, DET, SF ( Big Win),ARI,
OAK +1.5 , ML ( big Win ), SD


08:58 AM

Marko says:
Awesome night :) Treys picks 6-0,Sparta amazing again and I played Orioles and Reds also!!!
Football 4 team parlay brought me another 4 units :)
It cant be better than this.....

12:25 PM

Bryson says:
Came back to Zcode last Wednesday with $200. One week later my bankroll is sitting at $325! I think I made the right decision in returning :) thanks for all the help guys!

12:25 PM

Susan says:
Yes jens ! Thank-you! I am following you on soccer . Great job! Also many thanks to all of our community
For all the great effort, comments and patience, and wisdom!

03:31 PM

Chris says:
Hey guys , just wanted to share Ive just reached 5000 $ as bankroll !!!! And guess hat , Everything is from Zcode !!!

10:30 AM

Jeffrey says:
I went a perfect 12-0 hahaha lol :-P

07:23 AM

Julian says:
I don't really comment or reply that much here, but I'd rather just read other peoples comments about games and new developments.. But after trying the new Linereversal system out, i just hit all of my 5 games, after following the Linereversals. Its brilliant! :)

10:58 AM

K says:
Up almost 30 units yesterday. Only KC ruined an almost perfect day for me.

Oriols C Bet - WON
Yankees B Bet - WON
Giants B Bet - WON
A's B Bet - WON
Nats B Bet - WON
Brewers B Bet - WON
Braves - WON
Dodgers WON
Mariners/Angels Under B Bet - WON
Rockies/Cubs Under Bet - WON
KC C Bet - LOST (But not a lot in the grand scheme of the day. I think I will try my luck on KC to avoid the sweep today. Why not?)

Love this place and all it's members, hopefully one day we will all make each other rich!! I wanna do this for a living. Dam it's fun!

06:12 AM

Stuart says:
Great day with Braves, Dbacks and Orioles making it a very profitable Saturday. We are flying at the moment with so many great Zcode tools and so many people giving top advice - Thank you all!!

05:33 PM

Cookie!! says:
i'm starting to feel bad for my bookie - especially after today $$$ still got a couple of bets on but could go up 40 units

04:31 AM

Bogdan says:
Amazing day, just amazing. And it could have been better if i wouldn't have dropped the B Yankees bet. Once again, you have to trust Trey's judgement if you are a rookie like me. The man said no drops and i got scared by the huge line reversals. But the Boromir parlay saved the day. And another 4 TEAM parlay where i combined 2 boromir and 2 of the trey's mlb teams for parlay. And of course Mark's NFL picks where great, all 4 paid off. Thank you guys!

09:11 PM

Mudrac says:
Great day again:

a) won KHL with mine and Sanin picks
b) won Jens soccer picks
c) won with Cyril +1.5 on Giants and Cards
d) won small bets on Giants ML and over 7 on the same game

Winning is in the air!!! Keep winning community! Regards!!!

01:03 AM

Jonny says:
I completely outdid myself today.

Aside from winning 180 units in live in-game wagering, I staked 21 units on a 3 team parlay with BAL ML + BAL/NYY under 9.5 + DET/OAK under 7.5 that paid 100 units and hit it!

Screw winning like a boss... I feel like I won like a demi-god!

If I keep having days like yesterday and today, I may hit my bankroll goals before the NBA season even starts!

02:39 AM

Cookie!! says:
yeah me too P - if done over 2000 units in the last week i'm starting to feel

a. like a robber
b. like one of those guys you see in the movies tied to a chair and getting my fingers chopped off by a cigar cutter

Gotta spread it over a few bookies - in fact is it worth starting up a forum on how to play 2 - 4 bookies at the same time??

Trey - I know you will be the man to talk to regarding this so if you can and or have time feel free to email me direct so I can discuss my options as clearly I want to go big and retire (again, the biggest problem with retirement is that its soooo boring...)

04:13 AM

Alberto says:
I won big this time 13 out of 13!!!
What an awesome discovery the tie system!!!

04:19 AM

Stepans says:
KHL win (Mudrac + Sanin)
MLB win (Cyril+1.5)
Tied inning Live betting WIN
Soccer WIN (Jens)

11:55 AM

Tonychara says:
sorry i dont post much but guys i feel so positevely overwhelmed by the amount of great winning systems here and very helpful people helping each other to succeed. for the first time in my life i feel that i won't have to worry about my financial future next few years. i've been following everything since eary may, some systems worked out some not, but my bankroll is growing and it looks better and better each month. thank you guys!

11:56 AM

Bryson says:
I live in the US and no absolutely nothing about soccer. But you guys are on a hot streak! I have just been following some random soccer games that you guys post and I have gone 5-0 in the last two days! Thank you very much guys!

09:08 AM

GoalGalore says:
Amazing!! No matter what i follow all won yesterday!! my head goes crazy lol. but we must stay focused and not give back all the profits to bookies and not overbet nfl too much! i will go conservative and withdraw some profits from yesterday, $300 usd.

08:17 PM

Ankush says:
Wow what a day for NFL and Baromir! Pats, Texans, Vikings, Packers and Giants all win!! Thank you Trey for major profits once again! I won a 4 team parlay on the Vikings, Packers, Cowboys and Patriots (thanks for not blowing it at the end).

I will have an NFL review for my picks this week and what I felt went well or poorly with them after the Sunday Nighter. Keep winning community!

04:33 AM

Alberto says:
What a weekend! MASSIVE WINS!
MLB - (Thx Mark and Trey to avoid me taking ABC serie on Cards when 3-1) Now I just have Cards to win the serie as Stamos recomended at the begining.

Lets keep winning community!

04:33 AM

Alan says:
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead. Love you guys, everyone is committed to success. I am here since beginning and glad to be part of the success story. Thrilled about upcoming NBA too!

08:16 AM

Jens says:
Think Zcode community have come to a place where we have so good experts to follow that it is hard not to winn : Mudrac KHL - Galore Soccer - Mark - Trey - Jonathan - etc.
As I joined I was just a newbie on this only expertise I know a little on soccer.
A good feeling is my strength.
Alberto funny to see people winn so much in one weekend wow.
I bet around 50 dollars each game and my predictions overall ended good profit.
A few live bets wonn high and the 1-1 result Sunderland-Newcastle was nice to my bankroll
I must build my bankroll to earn more as always max bet 1% of bankroll but up 236 dollars this weekend for some big guys not much I think

05:25 PM

Cookie!! says:
@Jens - 1k USD a day 4K pulled for this week already lol - whats a day job??

04:41 PM

Robert_ttv says:
With TTV and personal wagers, I am +338 Units last 3 weeks... WOW!

03:49 AM

Peter K says:
Very nice weekend for me, thanks to Baromir, Mark, Ginger Jens and Robert!! Hope everyone followed them!! Big profits all the way!! Lets keep winning!!

04:52 PM

Alberto says:
After this kind of nights I love to log on my bookie and see the money falling and falling !! cashing and cashing! bets are being graded!!!

04:08 PM

Kim says:
The Fantasic 4 perhaps ;-)
Im wondering if the ppl behind Z-code ever imagened such a strong community when they launced. Anyway im impresed with all the input from so many true experts here and all the gold making systems :-)

05:26 AM

Gavin Uk says:
Thanks guy's
Had a great night with the Big3 a RSS, I,m still trying to come to terms with this teasing lark.
It still blows me away at how good you all are.
Thanks again.

03:22 AM

Christopher says:
I started 2 weeks ago and i'm up 41 points! We have had our ups and downs and i'm greatfull for the Big 3's being carefull on yesterday's picks despite of big winnings the day before, very good strategy in the long run . Great idea to form a group for soccer picks too. I think that an essential part of success is to form a "Mastermind Group"(Napoleon Hill's book, Think and grow rich), a group of people that think alike and can contribute for reaching a higher goal. And please remember to be as supportive in great times as in bad time, it's all about winning in the long run......

01:21 AM

Stepans says:

thanks big3mark, jonny and Andrew today! Great contributions!
Golden State Warriors WON
Memphis Grizzlies WON + spread
+Pistons won + spread (thanks to danilo, derek and other guys)
7-0 one of my best days

KHL 3-1 WON big as usual.

01:27 AM

Anthony says:
After checking out the site for about a week I finally started using your guys' advice and picks. My first night using your selections. JPM went 4-0, and my college pick won for a prefect 5-0.

I am also working on my own plays for college basketball and am a few days in. If results continue to be positive, i'll start sharing these picks. So far 17-10.

01:31 AM

Romero says:
5-0 for me on nba very happy guys. also enjoying your read, sorry i am new to nba cant contribute much but learn from you!

02:09 AM

Runitupca209 says:
oh forgot say that iam know 18-0 too lol opposed

09:15 PM

Ankush says:
Up over 50 units on the day thanks to the Big 3 and Jonny's RSS picks! Fab Five in soccer also did some major damage. Keep up the great work guys!

07:28 AM

Gavin Uk says:
I,m still in shock.
KHL = 2points
Zcodeboys = 4points.
NCAA = 4points
and for once NBA = 8points.
My ATR = I.3points.
MY WTW = -8points.
1point = £100.
A truly wonderful day.

05:00 PM

The Profit says:
another profitable day yesterday since I signed up with zcode started thursday havn't had a losing day since my bankroll is up 300% tonight will be another awsome day for sure

washington redskins +3
washington +10 under 58 7pt teaser
utah NBA
New orleans NBA
Toronto NBA

06:26 PM

Mark says:
I want to thank all the experts again, I used to gamble every night now for the past year I have become a sports investor and I know now there are no locks of the day. I have grown my bankroll almost 30% in the last year and have not had that many big losing days or giant gains and that is because of the 1% of betting capital . So if you are new take it slow and easy and listen to the experts that practice money management. Once again thank you and welcome aboard sam and all the others

04:28 PM

The "a Cab" says:
"a Cab" Plays for today Up: 72 units for week/up 107 units since i started with Z Code/Up 273 units for the year.
10 Unit Play on Raiders +10 (Nice reversal on line, Money on denver (both ways)
10 Unit Play on Dallas +3.5 (my spread shows coverage at 56% on this game /zcode has it at 52%
5 Unit Play Teaser Raiders plus points under raider game
5 Unit 10 pt teaser Raiders/and under/dallasnba)
1unit 3 team parley raider plus points/and under and dallas moneyline

07:09 PM

Mike says:
It's been one of the best years in my life growing this community! Per Aspera Ad Astra! Through the Thorns to the Stars! For years to come!

09:37 PM

Danilo says:
Woooow! Agree, this community is heading into the right direction! So many great guys here doing an excellent work! Clap, clap, bravo ZCode and ZCoders!

12:02 AM

Mark says:
I agree as well... this community is one of my favorite things in my life right now... I love interacting with all of you... you're all great people, and some of the nicest people I know. You always make me feel welcome and appreciated - cheers.

And the winning money thing isn't bad either!

12:40 AM

Cookie!! says:
@EVERYONE - I completely concur with Marks comments - this community is full to the brim with excellent funny winners!! this community without a doubt grows experts in sports and provides invaluable information. Desder for instance is looking to 'go pro' in 2013 and I (and I am sure everyone) wishes him the best. I myself am to spend 2013 relying on sports investing for my primary income although I am a complete busybody and have several other streams of passive income (read good buffer) - but I will be touring south america with my partner doing a dj act and believe sports investing will fund my travel very very easily - none of this would be possible for me if I did not make the leap into this community and learn how to do it from you fellahs....

And hopefully we can build our zcode clubhouse very close to a solid consistent surf break with breakneck internet speeds and limitless bandwidth volume - 5 year plan boys!! Teahupoo here we come!!

02:50 AM

Marko says:
I am Honored to be in ZCODE anual video and part of this community of great people!!
Thanks to all who contribute each day,I am NHL guy but I follow other experts daily :))
Next year I will have my own oppinion in other sports as well thanks to this "Succes group of people" from which I learned a lot!!!
Thank you again Mike and all others..........

03:20 AM

Ankush says:
This community is one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. Everyone is supportive, there is a lot of intelligence and the number of systems and picks that can be followed here is likely more than anywhere else.

Zcode and Zcoders I salute you!

06:16 AM

Murray says:
Awesome video Mike, brings a tear to my eye, this place is unlike anything I have ever experienced, I had been so self-reliant for so long, this is truly a place of exponential brainstorming on a very high level, I am honored to be here. Thank you.

03:56 AM

Stuart says:
Wow, what an awesome day! Non-stop winners all day long starting with Zcodeboys soccer (and a little bet of my own on Man City), Huang, Gavin and my own horse racing was undefeated, Utah State won big on college football, then Aragorn and Legolas smashed it on NBA! Brilliant!

07:44 AM

Kim says:
This is by far the best investment i ever made !!!!!

03:58 AM

The "a Cab" says:
Cyril, im a lawyer by education... Im in real estate acquisitions.. but betting is m y passion... I know its hard to deviate from a system... but unit playing is the key element to making money... Thertes is always a game to make money on.... when u manage funds, and you press on games u like, u will always make money in this business... i clear between 150-300k since 2004...... the first 5 years i did not make money , because i did not manage my money... it was all about the BIG return...i run my system, and when there is a match as there was with Indiana tonight i press...East carloina is my press tomorrow..... they should be -2 on this game... I love this community, and i love what you all offer.. but returns are based on playing and managing... East Carolina +6 1/2 is a no brainer tomorrow... Dont jump the ban wagon like everone else is doing!!!! If you want a solid parley... Buy east carolina +7 and parley to boise money line ..... Big hug to all... and we ll atlk after the games

03:59 AM

The "a Cab" says:
s says.... welcome my friend..... This is a gateway to seeing what you dont see in the scope of what gaminmg is... very smart people, and people who will help you achieve what you are looking for!!! Best of luck

01:53 AM

Tea says:
What a beautiful Sunday morning - you wake up and look your bookie balance +8 Units.
Thanks JPM Guys, Mark (NFL) and Trey(Aragon)! Lets win together Z-Coders!!!

01:56 AM

Stuart says:
Morning guys, hope everyone had a profitable night!

Fantastic day for me yesterday with big profits on horse racing and lots of wins on soccer, NBA and NFL!

No horse racing bets from me today. Out for a Christmas meal with all the family, hopefully back in time for NFL later. Have a great Sunday!

03:05 AM

P Andrew says:
had an unbelievable day on nfl,didnt lose a single bet,including parlays!!!!!words cant express enuff my gratitude to all you football folks for shedding light on a sport i know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about all season such a short time i feel like i am getting a grip on this strange beast(at least to me it is,living in a foreign land far,far away).so thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you MARK,ANKUSH,RICHARD,MURRAY,RAVICHANDRAN,VINH !!!!!!!!!!!!!and of course TREY with his numbers strategy always on point.its been an incredible season in a sport that i understood to be almost impossible to beat in guys are the greatest!!!(apologies if i missed anyone out)

05:56 AM

Daniel says:
I call it the A+ Code, it accurately describes the quality of this service. The information and profit potential of this community is just priceless.

11:47 AM

Nj says:
Can I just add, I only joined a couple of weeks ago and have already seen a nice increase in my balance through following the picks of the kind people in this community. Thank you everyone and I have only one regret, "I should have taken action on the emails I was getting sooner !!"

08:27 AM

Krzysztof says:
I just want to thank everybody on this site for fantastic job they're doing. All write ups, predictions and pics are spot on! and special thanks to Alberto to remind every newbee to hold betting for few days and bet on paper to learn as much as it's possible. I started few weeks ago and bet real money winning about 23 points in few days. And old tricks came across and killed all my winners! Then I started to read "THE BIBLE" and only then I realised that this site has something more to offer!!! I started to learn all the lessons you offer. Stopped betting, started learning from reading all your contents preparing for future. Thank you very much

10:44 AM

Vincent says:
Great day of NBA yesterday!

NYN won
CLippers won
Mil won
Mia won

Perfect day, keep winning community.

11:45 AM

Mick says:
Hi all - I've been following Z-Code for a few months now and have to say, I'm impressed with the knowledge and discussion found throughout the forum and VIP picks sections... what a great community! I've started applying the Set Monthly Income MMS (same as Jonny's Sparta System) to my own daily picks and have had some great success. The picks are rather selective (maybe 4-5 picks/week) and with Murphy's Law being today's topic, I figure what better day to start posting my plays :) ! I've been using a 50-25-50 initial bet and have won just over 20 units in the 2 months I've been playing. I haven't been past an A3 bet so let see if Murphy can come mess me up now! Today's Play:

SF/ATL UNDER 49 - A1 Bet: Wagering $110 to win $100

07:19 AM

Hitesh says:
Hi everyone! I am a new member of Z Code, just joined a few days back. I am absolutely thrilled to be on board with you guys! I have been going through the website, forums, vip picks, hot trends and this stuff is absolutely amazing!! I cannot believe that I have been donating money to the bookies all these years... arrgghh.. but I am soooo excited about the future that lies ahead. I started betting yesterday with Mark's NHL picks! Need I say more :) . I wanted to thank the Z Code team for putting something like this together for all of us across the world! Lets take on the bookies together and make lots of money! :)

06:03 AM

Gavin Uk says:
May I thank everyone for a fantastic day for me yesterday and last night?. Just about everything I went with came in. Mark, Stomach, Cyril, Marko and Zcodeboys big wins from all.
I don't know how it happened but I seem to have only gone with all the winners and didn't bet those that lost?. I mean it's not as though I know what I'm doing!. (True).
I also went big on my test bets, Big odds place bets 4 out of 5 Won.

So I thank everyone, you all give us hope.

12:53 AM

Marko says:
Cyril,Ali,Greg,Ginger and others I forgot-Big thank you on yours contributions,winning systems and picks!!!
I dont have words to say how all of you bring very good profits $$$$$ to my bankroll!!!!!!

Thanks again to all experts and those i forgot-Mark,Trey,Alberto etc....

05:46 AM

Einar says:
I have had a great last 4 weeks, bankroll increased over 50% over this period.... :-)

.....b4 that I was winning some and loosing some, more or less break even all the time, probably more losses though...

....4 weeks ago I made a slight/big change to my money management and it has done miracles....

....I now aim for 7,5% (7,5 units) every week, when that´s reached I cut down my unit size to half...

.....and only play very small on mondays....

Thank you so much everyone in this community, Cyril, Jonny, Trey, Alberto, Mark, Mudrac, Murray, Joao all the horse guys, and the ones I forgot to mention....

Happy Huntings all.... :-)

07:22 AM

Krzysztof says:
Hi everybody. I just want to tell you again how much you changed my life! And it's not only about winning money, but firstly you gave me back faith in mankind. In this world, where everybody keeps secrets about earning money and ways they're doing it - you're sharing your own ideas with everybody on this site not asking for payment!!! I can't still believe, that I just incidentally jumped in to this community. I'm really lucky man.For the socond I have to say, that when I think that I already found the bests from you - new tipping giant is showing his(her) skills. Incredible! Thank you very much for everything you did with my whole life, hope I'm not boring with this writing. Let's win big everybody.

02:35 AM

Fateful says:
Thank you muchly for Marko (MARKO'S NHL POD'S), Cyril (KISS), Jonathan (NBA Picks) and other guys. I followed and had big profit today...

02:36 AM

Chris says:
What a freaking day today! Went up 31 units today and may be 4 more units if San Jose wins their overtime against Colorado.

I parlayed the Engine and KISS picks and BOOM HEADSHOT! I also decided to try in game wagering on the Clippers game for the first time and I did great! For NHL I used Line Reversal and I won my Moneline bets for 7 and maybe 8 (If Sharks win) out of 9 games played.

Next time I'm going to do an open parlay for all of tomorrow's NHL games and use Line Reversal 5 minutes before game time to make my picks. =)

I hope everyone else did well and Happy Birthday Mike!

04:35 AM

Adam says:
Hi everyone, only been a member a few days but loving the vibe and quality of info...Great result today thanks KISS team, Alberto, Adrian and other experts for sharing. The new ios app looks great, love the push notification feature.

05:33 PM

Christopher says:
Really Guys, thank you for all horse picks. I won 24 units this month

02:58 AM

Gergely says:
Fantastic day in NBA!
Aragorn 3/3
Legolas 1/1
Murray 2/2
Greg 8/7
And Marko also won for me with NHL!
Thank you guys!
Awesome day!

03:12 AM

Cliff says:
Fantastic evening for Aragorn & Legolas and KISS - happily banking over 23 units in profit thanks to Zcoders like Trey, Cyril, Marko and others. Thanks guys!

06:27 AM

Tan says:
great Sunday for community... everyone won... thanks to Zcode , Kiss, Aragon-Legolas, LH and experts ... great day for me .. today is monday....keep profit and go to the bar like Standley...;) wait for other good day .. it is great sunday for me so far ... 25 units

06:59 AM

Krzysztof says:
What a nice KISS from itself and Aragorn!!! More than 50 points profit! It never happened to me before!
Just amazing! I'll be listening all day long Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderfull world". Thank you all.

08:22 AM

Jesse says:
Big wins for me too!! +57 Units Sunday alone. All my bets won and If lakers covered my parlay would have hit and I would have been +150 units. I usually only do a parlay or 2 on sunday as a little bonus and was soo close. But none of those wins would have been possible without ZCODE! Kiss, Aragorn, Jordan-Ruth, & NBA Road systems are the best!

09:26 AM

Ronnie says:
Hi guys,

I'm a pretty new member to this community...just wanted to say thank you to all experts here!!! I'm learning something new every day and with your help growing and improving as a sports investor. I admire everyone who shares his knowledge and experience within this community...Trey, Cyril, Alberto, Mark, Marko, Stanley, Mudrac, Joao, P Andrew, Huang, Greg, Jens, Jonathan, Marina and others :)

Still new and still learning about new experts here every day so sorry to all of you not mentioned above...all your work is much appreciated as well. Keep up the awesome work everyone!!!

11:38 AM

Jens says:
One of my best days this year few of winners was:

Magic - Cavaliers over lost
Wizards - Celtics over WINN
Mem - Sac Kings under WINN
Sac Kings Plus 7 WINN
Kings - Ducks over 5 WINN
Linghtning - Caps over 5.5. WINN
Wild - CBL under 5 WINN
Devils - Sabres Draw WINN
Wild - CBL Draw LOST
Boston Celtics -3,5 WINN
Bulls - Det under 187 WINN

total winn of the day around 600 dollars I am happy.....

11:51 AM

Richard says:
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everybody in this community. Last year I joined late in the baseball season and was completely overwhelmed when I joined. I have learned a lot from everybody and appreciate it. I cannot stress enough money management and patience. I have lost thousands on baseball up until this year. I think the only way to go is ABC progressions and maybe follow select flat bet pickers. I also appreciate seeing a post by Robert about walking away from a series. Gregg, Robert, mark have been great with progressions. Valdemar with his picks. Alberto's DS is heating up. Hard not to win money with all these great people. I bet one game yesterday (Penguins) very small. I may not bet anything today. Again- money management. I'm up pretty big this week. I can enjoy the day with the mother of my children and know I am collecting this week. Thank you Community!!!!!

01:43 AM

Robert_ttv says:
Following TTV, Alpha/Delta, Joao and Charles, I have officially doubled my bankroll in just under 3 weeks. good shit!

02:57 PM

Joey says:
Just finished reading interview. So glad I did. I first joined community few months back. I was all over the place. Jumping from one system to another. Started with 1k bankroll but doing it all wrong ..guess cause the 1k I had was in a way "fronted" via local bookie I can only play his odds couldn't take advantage of the great systems ZCODE and community have to offer ..I was so excited of finding this community, I joined before even having money to invest ..the info gathered here was worth it to me :)
I have finished reading Many articles,posts,threads ,mm,ZCODE bible . Learned so much from ALl of you ..and I am so grateful ...I 150% BELIEVE in making a living off of sports betting ..some here already are.i will be receiving some money next year and plan on using 10k from it and investing. When I talk to friends even family a lot speculate and in a way bring me Down. SUPPORT is a must ..I had my wife sit down and read about our community ..glad I have her on my side .. People invest their money in pyramid sales, stock,housing,etc. why not in sports systems which are back tested with results ...when I tell my fam about "sports investing " automatically think gambling ..haha ...can't wait ..

02:37 AM

Jeff C. says:
OK, this is for everybody but directed towards newbies. Every year I select a few professional handicappers to follow for a couple months across different sports. I just finished with another 3. While all 3 had small profit over 2 months of NBA, NHL and MLB, it just is not worth their package pricing. They all had mini hot streaks and losing streaks.

Goes to confirm the greatness of the Zcode community, with the Lab's work, analysis tools, LR, a number of winning systems and the great discussions here to consistently pick winners each week.

I'll take Zcode against any capper I've subscribed to over the years.

01:57 AM

Praveen says:
Good god, 6-0 today and 4-0 yesterday? THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Z-CODE POWER

05:15 AM

Vladimir says:
ALPHA-PIMP cyborg was sent from the future to defeat the bookies in 21st century!
Crazy sunday. 50 units for me.
Reading today's wall is a cure=)

05:15 AM

Jan says:
Once agin i wake up and think aim still dreaming...
Masive profit
Im so happy that i cant stop smiling
Thanks Alpha-DS-Pimp and everybody at zcode
Zcode rocks big time :-)

11:08 AM

Alan says:
alan here. I am here since the beginning. I never post but always follow. danilo knows me. What I wanted to say, Zcode became over these 2 years an ultimate profit machine. It is almost impossible not to win. If you are still not winning make sure:

1. dont overbet . stop betting every single game!
2. dont bet random bets. be systematic, follow hot trends system guys and signal robots.
3. patience. never throw a towel after a couple of bad days. good ones will come. trust me.

MARATHON. Not a sprint! Peace!

06:37 AM

Valdemar says:
Friends! Except my selections, I also follow: flat betting (DC, KISS, Alpha/Delta, Charles) on 5dimes and progression at Bet365. This delightfully! In the near future, I will open accounts with other bookmakers to other systems on a variety of sports that are in ZCode. Since then, when I came to the club ZCode, I quit my job offline. Good luck to us all!

05:57 AM

Mr Emile says:
Wow! Yesterday up 45 UNITS!!! Hit a 2team,3team and 4 team parlays! Many thanks Victor,Gergely,Greg and Charles! Also hit my Pod Baltimore -1 and O/u progression!


02:14 PM

Omega Mojo Mclovin says:
NHL Plays

Van ML


07:34 AM

Matthias says:
I dont know if it's interesting to anyone, but i would like to share my experience of the first week as zcode newbie. First - the pure figures. Got two small loss and five pretty profitable days. All numbers in my balance sheet are on green up to this date. What i really kept in mind was the moment i entered this site for the first time and was confronted with an overwhelming source of information: Automated Systems, Experts, betting tools, all kind of sports and different bets - i think one of the main tasks for zcode newbies like me is to filter all these informations with a clear rational mind. I bet for several years, was also part of some commercial communities, but this here is something completely different. You get the whole freedom of choice. What expert fits me? Do i want several bets or just a few per day? Or: What kind of betting style do i prefer? I'm the toal conservative (maybe boring) flat betting guy for example. Progressions ruin my nerves. Mistakes are pretty helpful in the way to filter informations (if it doesnt destruct your bankroll, but that's another story). Then focus on a few systems and keep going ('pergaps "focus" is one of the best terms to describe sport and betting). Don't let greed manipulate your thinking - but don't let fear of loosing dominate you as well. Just my two cents. I appreciate being part of this. Thank you.

08:12 AM

Greg says:
RECAP of yesterday on my NHL, ML parlays:

Pittsburgh/ Tampa Bay, @ 2.36 ….WON
Boston/ Washington, @ 2.30 ….WON
Winnipeg/ Las Vegas, @ 2.20 ...WON

a great night of profit, each parlay pays out better than even odds.$$$$$$$

Today I am looking but not much in NHL today, I might have a selection later

cheers !

10:09 AM

Makko says:
Matthias and Hades thank you for sharing
I want to thank all zcoder experts as well for posting plays, it really helps me daily! I am still a newbie but started to win consistently only this season after i joined zcode. before i was paying for vegas syndicate picks and scam handicapper picks and was always losing they get on a hot streak then start losing.

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